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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Sensational realism? Jane Eyre and the problem of genreCox, J
2010A sensitising tool for smart home designers: Based on user-oriented product design research into the home life of older adults in the UKHolland, R; Lam, B; Evans, P; Wang, Hsueh-Pei
2008A sensitive and robust method for the determination of alkylphenol polyethoxylates and their carboxylic acids and their transformation in a trickling filter wastewater treatment plantKoh, YKK; Chiu, TY; Boobis, AR; Cartmell, E; Pollard, SJT, et al
2007Sensitivity analysis modelling for microscale multiphysics robust engineering designAtherton, MA; Bates, RA; Perry, M; Oldfield, M; Wynn, H
2009Sensitivity to fine-grained and coarse visual information: The effect of blurring on anticipation skillJackson, RC; Abernethy, B; Wernhart, S
2009Sensory semantic user interfaces (SenSUI)Bell, D; Heravi, BR; Lycett, M
2002A separable approximation dynamic programming algorithm for economic dispatch with transmission lossesHansen, P; Mladenović, N
2006Separating sequence overlap for automated test sequenceHierons, RM
2011The separation of falling binary liquid film in the presence of inert components by diffusion distillationZiobrowski, Z; Krupiczka, R; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2002Separation of substances in rotating coiled columns: From trace elements to microparticlesSpivakov, BY; Maryutina, TA; Fedotov, PS; Ignatova, SN; Katasonova, ON, et al
2009A sequence based genetic algorithm with local search for the travelling salesman problemArshad, S; Yang, S; Li, C
2003Sequencing mixed-model assembly lines in just-in-time production systemsHindi, K; Zegordi, SH; Mohammadi-Khashouie, Ghorbanali
2008Service attribute importance and strategic planning: An empirical studyPezeshki, V; Mousavi, A
2007Service Platform for Converged Interactive Broadband Broadcast and Cellular WirelessAllamandri, F; Campion, S; Centonza, A; Chernilov, A; Cosmas, J, et al
2010Service quality measurement in the internet context: A proposed modelAlbassam, T; Alshawi, S
1988Set covering and set partitioning: a collection of test problemsEl-Darzi, E; Mitra, G
1993Sets and indices in linear programming modelling and their integration with relational data modelsKristjansson, B; Lucas, CA; Mitra, G; Moody, S
2013Seven benzimidazole pesticides combined at sub-threshold levels induce micronuclei in vitroErmler, S; Scholze, M; Kortenkamp, A
2007Severity of arterial hypoxaemia affects the relative contributions of peripheral muscle fatigue to exercise performance in healthy humansAmann, M; Romer, LM; Subudhi, AW; Pegelow, DE; Dempsey, JA
2011Severity parameter and global importance factor of non-newtonian models in 3D reconstructed human left coronary arterySoulis, JV; Seralidou, KV; Chatzizisis, YS; Giannoglou, GD; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
Showing results 6208 to 6227 of 7500
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