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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Patients' and nurses' perspectives on patients' experience for coronary care unit stressors using a mixed method approachBanning, M; Smyrni, PN; Qaid, Rafa TA
2011Patients' perspectives on self-testing of oral anticoagulation therapy: Content analysis of patients' internet blogsShah, SGS; Robinson, I
2001Pattern matching and pattern discovery algorithms for protein topologiesViksna, J; Gilbert, D
1998Pattern recognition makes search possible: Comments on Holding (1992)Gobet, F; Simon, HA
2014Pattern recognition systems design on parallel GPU architectures for breast lesions characterisation employing multimodality imagesStonham, J; Sidiropoulos, Konstantinos
1997A pattern-recognition theory of search in expert problem solvingGobet, F
2012Patterns of creation and usage of wikipedia contentCapiluppi, A; Duarte Pimentel, A; Boldyreff, C
2006Patterns of morphological and genetic variability in UK populations of the shore crab, Carcinus maenas Linnaeus, 1758 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura)Brian, JV; Fernandes, T; Ladle, RJ; Todd, PA
2010Payback arising from research funding: Evaluation of the arthritis research campaignWooding, S; Hanney, S; Buxton, MJ; Grant, J
2006PDA-based system for monitoring electromagnetic signalsBanitsas, K; Georgiadis, P; Sidiropoulos, K; Cavouras, D; Nomicos, C
2003PDGA: The primal-dual genetic algorithmYang, S
1991Peaceful assemblyMushkat, R
2008Peer-group and price influence students drinking along with planned behaviourJamison, J; Myers, LB
2012Penalized flexible Bayesian quantile regressionYu, K; Alkenani, A; Alhamzawi, R
2013Penalized single-index quantile regressionYu, K
2006A penological critique of Christian and Islamic justifications of capital punishmentEaston, S; Piper, CD; Chehata, Hanan
2012Pension fund finance and sponsoring companiesDe Haan, L
2007Pension fund finance and sponsoring companies: Empirical evidence on theoretical hypothesesDavis, EP; Grob, S; De Haan, L
2007Pension funding, productivity, ageing and economic growthDavis, EP
2006Pension fund investment and regulation - a macro studyHu, YW