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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Learning in abstract memory schemes for dynamic optimizationRichter, H; Yang, S
2011Learning in developing economy clusters: The role of intermediary organisationsDickson, K; Clarke, Ian
2008Learning lessons from evaluating eGovernment: Reflective case experiences that support transformational governmentIrani, Z; Love, PED; Jones, S
2011The learning network on sustainability: An e-mechanism for the development and diffusion of teaching materials and tools on design for sustainability in an open-source and copy left ethosVezzoli, C; Ceschin, F
2000Learning novel sound patternsJones, G; Gobet, F; Pine, J M
2001Learning perceptual chunks for problem decompositionLane, PCR; Cheng, PCH; Gobet, F
1999Learning perceptual schemas to avoid the utility problemLane, PCR; Cheng, PCH; Gobet, F
2013Learning process analysis of absorptive capacity on organisational innovation: the influence of leadership stylesHackney, R; Braganza, A; Rezaei Zadeh, Mohammad
2005Learning short multivariate time series models through evolutionary and sparse matrix computationSwift, S; Kok, J; Liu, X
2007Learning the dominance in diploid genetic algorithms for changing optimization problemsYang, S
2011Learning together: Lessons from a collaborative curriculum design projectNicholls, LE; Leibowitz, B; Bozalek, V; Carolissen, R; Rohleder, P, et al
2007Left lateralization in autobiographical memory: An fMRI study using the expert archival paradigmCampitelli, G; Parker, A; Head, K; Gobet, F
2015Legacies of empire: state violence and collective punishment in Kenya's North Eastern Province, c. 1963-presentWhittaker, H
2012A legal analysis of the application of articles I and III of the GATT 1994 on the economic development of ECOWAS member statesChigara, B; Conway, G; Ogbonna, Joseph Ifeanyichukwu
2013Legal anthropology and the construction of complex liabilitiesBantekas, I; Jalloh, CC
1975Legal justice and social changeLevine, Evyatar
2016The legal reasoning of the Andean court of justice in comparative contextConway, G
2006The legal standing of consumer credit reporting in the ECFerretti, F
2016Legislating Multiculturalism and Nationhood: The 1988 Canadian Multiculturalism ActUberoi, V
2014Legitimation of the economic community of West African states (ECOWAS): a normative and institutional inquirySseyonjo, M; Chigara, B; Nwankwo, Chidebe