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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996The SIMIAN architecture-an object-orientated framework for integrated power system modelling, analysis and controlPhillips, NBP; Gann, JO; Irving, MR
2009Similarities and differences between flow boiling in microchannels and pool boilingKandlikar, SG; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2012Similarities, challenges and opportunities of wikipedia content and open source projectsCapiluppi, A
2012Simon’s scissors and ecological psychology in design for behaviour changeLockton, D
2006A simple construction method for sequentially tidying up 2D online freehand sketchesQin, S F; Wright, D; Jordanov, I
2007A simple, cost-effective treatment for inspiratory stridor: Case study evidence that inspiratory muscle training may provide an answerMcConnell, AK; Dickinson, JW; Whyte, G
2001Simple environments fail as illustrations of intelligence: A review of R. Pfeifer and C. ScheierLane, PCR; Gobet, F
1975A simple finite-difference modification for improving accuracy near a corner in heat flow problemsBell, GE; Crank, J
2009The simple micro-economics of public-private partnershipsIossa, E; Martimort, D
2009Simple network management protocol co- existence with hydrocarbon process automation communication real-time networkAlmadi, S; El-Haddadeh, R; Jahromi, M
1987A simple Theoretical description of the behaviour of intumescent paintsHall, R
2001Simplified techniques for predicting the transmission loss of a circular dissipative silencerKirby, R
2005A simulated investigation on the machining instability and dynamic surface generationLuo, X K; Cheng, K; Luo, X
2005Simulating optional infinitive errors in child speech through the omission of sentence-internal elements.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2005Simulating the cross-linguistic development of optional infinitive errors in MOSAIC.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2007Simulating the Noun-Verb Asymmetry in the Productivity of Children’s SpeechFreudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2008Simulating the referential properties of Dutch, German and English Root Infinitives in MOSAICFreudenthal, D; Pine, JM; Gobet, F
2004Simulating the temporal reference of Dutch and English Root Infinitives.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2008Simulation and experimental investigation of pool boiling on a silicon wafer with artificial nucleation sitesSanna, A; Hutter, C; Lin, H; Sefiane, K; Walton, AJ, et al
2008Simulation discounted cash flow valuation for internet companiesAli, M; El-Haddadeh, R; Eldabi, T; Mansour, E
Showing results 6266 to 6285 of 7500
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