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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tabularity: Poetic Structure in Shelley, Agamben, Badiou, and Husserl-
2006Tabu search for ship routing and schedulingDarby-Dowman, K; Al-Hamad, Khaled
2012Tackling ageing continence through theory, tools & technology (TACT3)Bichard, J-A; van den Heuvel, EA; Jowitt, F; Gilhooly, M; Parker, SG, et al
2016Tactical gear does not affect the sensory organization test of Special Warfare Combatant-craft CrewmanWilliams, VJ; Morgan, PM; Sell, TC
2010Tactile thresholds are preserved yet complex sensory function is impaired over the lumbar spine of chronic non-specific low back pain patients. A preliminary investigationWand, BM; Di Pietro, FS; George, PJ; O'Connell, NE
2010Tagging is connecting: shared object memories as channels for sociocultural cohesionLeder, K; Karpovich, A; Burke, M; Speed, C; Hudson-Smith, A, et al
2005Taking responsibility for whole lessonsLeask, M
2004Taking the load off: Investigations of how adaptive cruise control affects mental workloadYoung, M S; Stanton, N A
2015Talent management challenges in Saudi ArabiaOzbilgin, M; Aktas, E; Alamri, Muteb Ahmed
2014A Tale of Five Bridges; the use of GNSS for Monitoring the Deflections of BridgesBrown, CJ; Roberts, GW; Tang; Meng, X
2001Tales of the intimate: Exploring young people's accounts of sexual practiceIrwin, A; Speer, S; Hoskins, Bryony
2016Talking about education: Exploring the significance of teachers talk for teacher agencyBiesta, G; Priestley, M; Robinson, S
2016Talking about talk: reviewing oracy in English primary educationJones, D
2014Talking fashion in female friendship groups: negotiating the necessary marketplace skills and knowledgeYalkin, C; Rosenbaum-Elliott, R
2017The Taming of Critical Journalism in China: A combination of political, economic and technological forcesTong, J
2012Taming troubled teens: The social production of mental morbidity amongst young mothers in Pelotas, BrazilBehague, DP; Gonçalves, HD; Gigante, D; Kirkwood, BR
2016TAML/H2O2 oxidative degradation of metaldehyde: Pursuing better water treatment for the most persistent pollutants.Tang, LL; DeNardo, MA; Gayathri, C; Gil, RR; Kanda, R, et al
2016TAPAS: A tangible end-user development tool supporting the repurposing of Pervasive DisplaysTurchi, T; Dix, A
2016Targeting improved patient outcomes using innovative product listing agreements: A survey of canadian and international key opinion leadersHenshall, C; Garrison, LP; Griffin, AD; Coyle, D; Long, S, et al