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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The ubiquitous ATP molecule: Could it be the elusive thermal mediator igniting skin perfusion and sweating in the heat-stressed human?González-Alonso, J; Kalsi, KK
2001Ubiquitous computing: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere?Stanton, NA
2003UIO sequence based checking sequences for distributed test architecturesHierons, RM; Ural, H
2016The UK film council and the ‘cultural diversity’ agendaMoody, P
2012The UK Netball Superleague: A case study of franchising in elite women's sport organisationsMansfield, L; Killick, L
2001The UK packaging regulations and performance measures in environmental management systemsGrimes, SM; Collins-Webb, Gail Julie
2014UK Research Information Shared Service (UKRISS) Final Report, July 2014Waddington, S; Joerg, B; Jones, R; McDonald, D; Gartner, R, et al
2015UK science press officers, professional vision and the generation of expectationsSamuel, G; Williams, C; Gardner, J
2015UK smart grid development: An expert assessment of the benefits, pitfalls and functionsXenias, D; Axon, CJ; Whitmarsh, L; Connor, PM; Balta-Ozkan, N, et al
2008Ulnar collateral ligament injuries of the thumb- An overview of the injury and treatmentPratt, AL; Burr, N
2010Ultimate behavior of idealized composite floor elements at ambient and elevated temperatureCashell, KA; Elghazouli, AY; Izzuddin, BA
2010Ultimate behaviour of composite floor slabs at ambient and elevated temperatureCashell, K; Elghazouli, AY; Izzuddin, BA
2009The UltraS: an emerging social movementTesta, A
2015Ultrasonic degassing of aluminium alloys: basic studies and practical implementationEskin, D; Alba-Baena, N; Pabel, T; da Silva, M
2014Ultrasonic guided wave propagation in pipes coated with viscoelastic materialsKirby, R; Mudge, P; Zlatev, Zahari
2015Ultrasonic melt processing: Achievements and challengesEskin, DG
2016Ultrasonic processing of molten and solidifying overview and outlookEskin, D
2016Ultraviolet and blue cathodoluminescence from cubic Y2O3 and Y2O3: Eu3+ generated in a transmission electron microscopeDen Engelsen, D; Fern, GR; Ireland, TG; Harris, PG; Hobson, PR, et al
2015The ultraviolet radiation environment during an expedition across the Drake Passage and on the Antarctic PeninsulaRussell, A; Gohlan, M; Smedley, A; Densham, M
2009Unavoidable parallel minors of 4-connected graphsChun, C; Ding, G; Oporowski, B; Vertigan, D