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Title: Packet transport on scale free networks
Authors: Tadic, B
Rodgers, G J
Keywords: Statistical mechanics
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: World Scientific
Citation: Advances in Complex Systems 5: 445-456, Jul 2002
Abstract: We introduce a model of information packet transport on networks in which the packets are posted by a given rate and move in parallel according to a local search algorithm. By performing a number of simulations we investigate the major kinetic properties of the transport as a function of the network geometry, the packet input rate and the buffer size. We find long-range correlations in the power spectra of arriving packet density and the network's activity bursts. The packet transit time distribution shows a power-law dependence with average transit time increasing with network size. This implies dynamic queueing on the network, in which many interacting queues are mutually driven by temporally correlated packet streams
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