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Title: Unsung heroes: Constituency election agents in British general elections
Authors: Fisher, J
Denver, D
Hands, G
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Blackwell
Citation: British Journal of Politics & International Relations. 8(4): 569-586, Oct 2006
Abstract: Despite their central role in the electoral process, constituency agents have been largely overlooked by political scientists and this article seeks to rectify the omission. It sketches the origins and development of the role of agent from the late 19th century and suggests that a serious rethink of the role took place in the 1990s. Survey-based evidence about the social characteristics of agents is presented confirming that they are largely middle-aged, middle-class, well-educated men. They are also becoming more experienced, offer realistic assessments of the impact of constituency campaigning and, arguably, many take a long-term view of how their party's support can be maximised.
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