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1996Long and short term effects of X-rays on charge coupled devicesTudge, Mark Vernon
2006Dynamics of kinship and the uncertainties of life: Spirit cults and healing management in northern ThailandBeatty, A; Argenti, N; Vaseenon, Tidawan
2002Technological uncertainties and popular cultureHine, C; Hitchin, Linda
1973Studies of the electrical properties and electroforming of thin insulating filmsGould, Robert David
1974The evaluation of an organophosphate thermosetting resin for use in a high temperature resistant composite and a study of chemistry of ionomer cementsRedfarn, CA; Hodd, KA; Reader, AL
1980A study of crack initiation in corrosion-fatigue of A.I.S.I 316 stainless steel by dynamic measurement of corrosion characteristics and corrosion current transientsTalbot, DEJ; Bodsworth, C; Martin, JW
1972The cybernetics of nonzero sum games – the prisoner's dilemma reinterpreted as a pure conflict game with nature, with empirical applicationsGeorge, FH; Bell, Robert I
1978Attention: A view suggested by systemic and cybernetic considerationPask, G; Hernandez-Chavez, Francisco Jose
1991Multinational corporations in the Arab world with particular reference to the contribution of industrial joint ventures to development in the Gulf regionHutton, J; Farah, Geili Mustafa
1985Cleanliness and Godliness: A sociological study of the Good Shepherd Convent refuges for the social reformation and Christian conversion of prostitutes and convicted women in nineteenth century BritainHughes, Peter E

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