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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Decoupling Temporal Dynamics for Naturalistic Affect Recognition in a Two-Stage Regression FrameworkGaus, Y; Meng, H; Jan, A
2017Usability of composing REST services on smartphonesMesfin, G; Gronli, TM; Ghinea, G; Younas, M
2010Towards dynamic genome scale modelsGilbert, D; Heiner, M; Jaraweera, Y; Rohr, C
2017The plastic behavior of sandwich beams with core gradationJiang, WZ; Liu, Y; Wang, B
2016Source model of the 16 September 2015 Illapel, Chile, M<inf>w</inf> 8.4 earthquake based on teleseismic and tsunami dataHeidarzadeh, M; Murotani, S; Satake, K; Ishibe, T; Gusman, AR
2017Trauma of the frontal region is influenced by the volume of frontal sinuses. A finite element studyAntic, S; Pajic, S; Vukicevic, A; Djordjevic, N; Jovicic, G, et al
2009Heat and mass transfer in air-fed pressurised suits.Tesch, K; Collins, MW; Karayiannis, TG; Atherton, MA; Edwards, P
2017C1 Complex: Structural Modularity and Functional DiversityLu, J; Kishore, U
2017Operational Space Control in Hexapod Robot for Humanitarian Demining ApplicationsPowell, R; Abbod, M
2017An Integrated Biorefinery Concept for Conversion of Sugar Beet Pulp into Value-added Chemicals and Pharmaceutical IntermediatesBawn, M; Bennett, C; Penumathsa, B; Subrizi, F; Suhaili, N, et al
2016Strengthening mechanisms in nanostructured Al/SiCp composite manufactured by accumulative press bondingAmirkhanlou, S; Rahimian, M; Ketabchi, M; Parvin, N; Yaghinali, P, et al
2017Structure and luminescence analyses of simultaneously synthesised (Lu1-xGdx)2O2S:Tb(3+) and (Lu1-xGdx)2O3:Tb(3+)Pasberg, N; den Engelsen, D; Fern, GR; Harris, PG; Ireland, TG, et al
2017Application of external fields to the development of aluminum-based nanocomposite and master alloysEskin, DG; Vadakke Madam, SK; Tamayo, J; Vorozhtsov, SA; Hari Babu, N, et al
2017Energy analysis of alternative CO2 refrigeration system configurations for retail food applicationsGe, Y; Santosa, IID; Tassou, S; Bianchi, G; Mylona, Z
2017Analysis of Scavenge Port Designs and Exhaust Valve Profiles on the In-cylinder Flow and Scavenging Performance in a 2-Stroke Boosted Uniflow Scavenged Direct Injection Gasoline (BUSDIG) EngineWang, X; Ma, J; Zhao, H
2017The Hsp72 and Hsp90α mRNA responses to hot downhill running are reduced following a prior bout of hot downhill running, and occur concurrently within leukocytes and the vastus lateralisTuttle, JA; Chrismas, BCR; Gibson, O; Barrington, JH; Hughes, DC, et al
2017Search for dijet resonances in proton-proton collisions at root s=13 TeV and constraints on dark matter and other modelsSirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Asilar, E; Bergauer, T, et al
2016Synthesis, characterization, and performance evaluation of multilayered photoanodes by introducing mesoporous carbon and TiO<inf>2</inf>for humic acid adsorptionHosseini, S; Jahangirian, H; Webster, TJ; Masoudi Soltani, S; Arou, MK
2017Dielectric measurements on sol-gel derived titania filmsCapan, R; Ray, AK
2016Nano-cathodoluminescence reveals the effect of electron damage on the optical properties of nitride optoelectronics and the damage thresholdGriffiths, JT; Zhang, S; Lhuillier, J; Zhu, D; Fu, WY, et al
2016Predominance Diagrams of Spent Nuclear Fuel Materials in LiCl-KCl and NaCl-KCl Molten Salt EutecticsAbdulaziz, R; Brown, LD; Inman, D; Simons, S; Shearing, PR, et al
2017Asymptotic analysis of the attractors in two-dimensional Kolmogorov flowSmith, WR
2016Investigating the Emission Characteristics of Single Crystal YAG When Activated by High Power Laser BeamsSalimian, A; Silver, J; Fern, GR; Upadhyaya, H; Metcalfe, A, et al
2016Flow Boiling Heat Transfer in a Rectangular Copper MicrochannelOzdemir, M; Mahmoud, M
2016Non-passive behavior of equivalent circuit components in AC powder electroluminescence (ACPEL) lampsWinscom, CJ; Harris, PG; Silver, J
2017New Developments in Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy for the Study of Luminescent MaterialsSilver, J; Ireland, T; Fern, G; Harris, P
2017Pull-out Behaviour of Hooked End Steel Fibres Embedded in Ultra-high Performance Mortar with Various W/B RatiosAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Zhou, X
2016Statistical-empirical modelling of aerofoil noise and performance subjected to leading edge serrationsBiedermann, T; Chong, TP; Kameier, F
2017Tsunamigenic potential of a newly discovered active fault zone in the outer Messina Strait, Southern ItalyFu, L; Heidarzadeh, M; Cukur, D; Chiocci, FL; Ridente, D, et al
2016Tsunami data assimilation of Cascadia seafloor pressure gauge records from the 2012 Haida Gwaii earthquakeGusman, AR; Sheehan, AF; Satake, K; Heidarzadeh, M; Mulia, IE, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 30 of 898
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