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2017Investigations into nanofluids as direct solar radiation collectorsRose, BAJ; Singh, H; Verma, N; Tassou, S; Suresh, S; Anantharaman, N; Mariotti, D; Maguire, P
-Integrating graphical and natural language specifications to support analysis and testingHierons, RM
2016Classifying emerging knowledge sharing practices and some insights into antecedents to social networking: a case in insuranceGrant, S
2016’Classifying emerging knowledge sharing practices and some insights into antecedents to social networking : A case in Insurance'Grant, S
2017A doping-less junction-formation mechanism between n-silicon and an atomically thin boron layerFang, C; Mohammadi, V; Nihtianov, S
-Functional role of SETD2, BAP1, PARP-3 and PBRM1 candidate genes on the regulation of hTERT gene expression.Yasaei, H; Marriott, A; Harvey, A; Mokbel, K; Newbold, R; Roberts, T
2016Microstructure evolution of Mg-11Gd-4.5Y-1Nd-1.5Zn-0.5Zr (wt%) alloy during deformation and its effect on strengtheningYu, Z; Huang, Y; Gan, W; Mendis, CL; Zhong, Z; Brokmeier, HG; Hort, N; Meng, J
2016Fast Segmentation of Industrial Quality Pavement Images using Laws Texture Energy Measures and k-Means ClusteringMathavan, S; Kumar, A; Kamal, K; Nieminen, M; Shah, H; Rahman, M
2013Engineering robust polar chiral clathrate crystalsFrampton, CS; Ketuly, KA; Hadi, AHA; Gall, JH; MacNicol, DD
2017On the occurrence of a eutectic-type structure in solidification of Al-Zr alloysWang, F; Eskin, D; Khvan, AV; Starodub, KF; Lim, JJH; Burke, MG; Connolley, T; Mi, J

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