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Up to Aug 15, 2017
Name Count
 Dept of Electronic and Computer Engineering  Research Papers             1617
 Publications                                                             1471
 Dept of Computer Science Research Papers                                 1391
 Dept of Life Sciences Research Papers                                    1324
 Dept of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering Research Papers        915
 Dept of Mathematics Research Papers                                       869
 Brunel Business School Research Papers                                    816
 Dept of Economics and Finance Research Papers                             581
 Dept of Clinical Sciences Research Papers                                 563
 Dept of Politics, History and Law Research Papers                         520
 Dept of Design Research Papers                                            447
 Brunel Institute for Bioengineering (BIB)                                 421
 Brunel OA Publishing Fund                                                 388
 The Brunel Collection                                                     369
 Institute for the Environment                                             336
 Brunel University Theses                                                  329
 Dept of Social Sciences Media and Communications Research Papers          310
 Dept of Electronic and Computer Engineering Theses                        308
 Health Economics Research Group (HERG)                                    288
 Dept of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering Theses                 287
 Dept of Computer Science Theses                                           248
 Brunel Business School Theses                                             234
 Dept of Life Sciences Theses                                              211
 Dept of Education Research Papers                                         187
 Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST)              177
 Dept of Arts and Humanities Research Papers                               164
 Dept of Politics, History and Law Theses                                  117
 Dept of Mathematics Theses                                                110
 Dept of Education Theses                                                  104
 Dept of Arts and Humanities Theses                                         99
 Dept of Design Theses                                                      90
 Dept of Economics and Finance Theses                                       89
 Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing                                    84
 Dept of Social Sciences Media and Communications Theses                    82
 Dept of Clinical Sciences Theses                                           69
 Burnett Archive                                                            68
 Public Lectures and Seminars                                               52
 The Experimental Techniques Centre                                         35
 Dept of Mechanical Aerospace and Civil Engineering Embargoed Research Pa   27
 Dept of Social Sciences Media and Communications Embargoed Research Pape   17
 Dept of Life Sciences Embargoed Research Papers                            15
 Dept of Electronic and Computer Engineering Embargoed Research Papers      15
 Dept of Politics, History and Law Embargoed Research Papers                14
 Brunel Business School Embargoed Research Papers                           14
 Dept of Clinical Sciences Embargoed Research Papers                        10
 Affiliated Institutionsâ Theses                                             8
 Dept of Economics and Finance Embargoed Research Papers                     7
 Brunel Library                                                              3
 Dept of Arts and Humanities Embargoed Research Papers                       3
 Dept of Mathematics Embargoed Research Papers                               3
 Dept of Computer Science Embargoed Research Papers                          3
 Planning and Policy                                                         3
 Dept of Education Embargoed Research Papers                                 2
 Dept of Design Embargoed Research Papers                                    1
 School of Health Sciences and Social Care Theses                           83
 Brunel University Theses                                                   78
 School of Arts Research Papers                                             69
 Brunel Business School Theses                                              64
 Institute for the Environment Theses                                       46
 Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST)               44
 Public Lectures and Seminars                                               43
 School of Arts Theses                                                      42
 Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing                                    42
 Brunel Law School Theses                                                   24
 The Experimental Techniques Centre                                         21
 Affiliated Institutionsâ Theses                                             7
 Brunel Library                                                              2
 School of Engineering and Design Inaugural Lectures                         1
 Planning and Policy                                                         1