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Name Total
 School of Engineering and Design Research papers                          1594
 Publications 1565
 School of Information Systems, Computing and Maths. Research Papers  1346
 School of Social Sciences Research Papers                                 788
 School of Health Sciences and Social Care Research Papers                               518
 School of Engineering and Design Theses     508
 Brunel Business School Research Papers                                    464
 School of Sport and Education Research Papers                             310
 School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics Theses  272
 Mathematics Technical Papers   267
 Brunel Institute for Bioengineering (BIB)          252
 The Brunel Collection                                                      221
 Institute for the Environment Research Papers                              162
 School of Social Sciences Theses  159
 Brunel Law School Research Papers                                         151
 Health Economics Research Group (HERG)                                    139
 School of Sport and Education Theses  116
 School of Health Sciences and Social Care Theses                                        109
 B-SERC Research Papers                        107
 Brunel University Theses                                                     103
 Brunel Business School Theses                                             96
 School of Arts Research Papers   83
 School of Arts Theses                                       61
 Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology (BCAST)   58
 Institute for the Environment Theses     55
 Public Lectures and Seminars   54
 Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing                                    44
 Brunel Law School Theses                                                   40
 The Experimental Techniques Centre                                         26
 Affiliated Institutionsâ Theses                                             7
 Brunel Library                                                              3
 Planning and Policy                                                         1
 School of Engineering and Design Inaugural Lectures                         1
 Burnett Archive                         1