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1 Psychophysical and ergogenic effects of synchronous music during treadmill walking
Karageorghis, CI
Mouzourides, DA
Priest, D
Sasso, TA
Morrish, DJ
Walley, CL
2,143 2,562
2 Nation branding: what is being branded?
Fan, Y
1,583 2,131
3 Music in sport and exercise: an update on research and application

Karageorghis, CI
Priest, DL

1,406 2,185
Critical success factors in ERP implementation: A review 

Al-Fawaz, K
Al-Salti, Z
Eldabi, T
1,368 1,702
5 The coaching process in professional youth football: An ethnography of practice Cushion, C 1,359 1,624
Design of equipment safety & reliability for an aseptic liquid food packaging line through maintenance engineering

Riccetti, Sauro

1,320 1,789
7 Music in the exercise domain: A review and synthesis (Part I)

Karageorghis, CI
Priest, DL

1,314 1,856
Characteristics and effects of motivational music in exercise

Priest, D
1,231 1,500
9 Questioning Guanxi: Definition, classification and implications Fan, Y

1,170 1,495
10 The national image of global brands

Fan, Y
1,114 1,412
11 The psychophysical effects of music in sport and exercise: A review
Karageorghis, CI
Terry, PC

1,079 1,587
The psychological, psychophysical and ergogenic effects of music in sport: A review and synthesis

Karageorghis, CI
Terry, PC

1,056 1,279
A Classification of Chinese Culture

Fan, Y
1,055 1,488
14 Objects of Desire: Consumer Behaviour in Shopping Centre Choices

Dennis, C

1,043 1,269
15 Analyzing the use of UTAUT model in explaining an online behaviour: Internet banking adoption

Kholoud Ibrahim

1,014 1,159
16 Analysis of standing vertical jumps using a force platform
Linthorne, N P
1,007 1,228
Playing safe: Assessing the risk of sexual abuse to elite child athletes

Brackenridge, CH
Kirby, S

996 1,277
A survey of occupational therapy practitioners in mental health

Craik, C
Chacksfield, J
Richards, G

906 1,055
19 A grounded theory of young tennis players� use of music to manipulate emotional state Bishop, DT
Karageorghis, CI
Loizou, G

898 1,122
20 Effects of synchronous music on 400-metre sprint performance

Simpson, SD
Karageorghis, CI

886 1,099
21 An exploration of African-Caribbean boys’ underachievement and their stories of schooling
Graham, Janet
875 1,198
22 Luxury designer handbag or counterfeit? An investigation into the antecedents influencing women’s purchasing behaviour of luxury designer and counterfeit brands Juggessur, Joshie 827 1000
23 Psychological effects of music tempi during exercise Karageorghis, CI
Stuart, DP

775 977
24 Music in sport and exercise: Theory and practice
Karageorghis, CI
761 1,204
25 Affective and psychological responses to asynchronous music during submaximal treadmill running
Karageorghis, CI
732 919