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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Hemp nanocellulose: fabrication, characterisation and applicationDasong, Dai
9-Aug-2016The influence of pre-treatment of Spartium junceum L. fibres on the structure and mechanical properties of PLA biocompositesKovačević, Z; Bischof, S; Vujasinović, E; Fan, M
2016Interface and bonding mechanisms of plant fibre composites: An overviewZhou, Y; Fan, M; Chen, L
2018Interface optimisation and bonding mechanism of rubber-wood-plastic compositesZhou, Yonghui
2017Investigation of bulk and in situ mechanical properties of coupling agents treated wood plastic compositesZhou, Y; Fan, M; Lin, L
2014Modelling partial end-plate connections under fire conditionsLin, S; Huang, Z; Fan, M
2015The Potential of Bast Natural Fibres as Reinforcement for Polymeric Composite Materials in Building ApplicationsWęcławski, Bartosz Tomasz
2009Process for making composite productsFan, M; Bonfield, PW
2007Process for making composite productsFan, M; Bonfield, PW
2007Process for making composite products from fibrous waste materialFan, M; Bonfield, PW
2017Pull-out Behaviour of Hooked End Steel Fibres Embedded in Ultra-high Performance Mortar with Various W/B RatiosAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Zhou, X
2017Pull-out behaviour of straight and hooked-end steel fibres under elevated temperaturesAbdallah, S; Fan, M; Cashell, KA
2017Recycled tyre rubber-thermoplastic composites through interface optimisationZhou, Y; Fan, M
2017Restructure of expanded cork with fumed silica as novel core materials for vacuum insulation panelsZhuang, J; Ghaffar, SH; Fan, M; Corker, J
2018Revealing the interface structure and bonding mechanism of coupling agent treated WPCZhou, Y; Fan, M
2013Rheology of semi-solid fresh cement pastes and mortars in orifice extrusionZhou, X; Li, Z; Fan, M; Chen, H
2017A robust salt-tolerant superoleophobic alginate/graphene oxide aerogel for efficient oil/water separation in marine environmentsLi, Y; Zhang, H; Fan, M; Zheng, P; Zhuang, J; Chen, L
2017A robust superhydrophobic TiO<inf>2</inf>NPs coated cellulose sponge for highly efficient oil-water separationLi, Y; Lu, Z; Chen, L; Huang, L; Fan, M
2008Strength and deformation modification factors of wood based composites for engineering designFan, M; Enjily, V
11-Sep-2019Synthesis of activated carbon from biowaste of fir bark for methylene blue removalLuo, L; Wu, X; Li, Z; Zhou, Y; Chen, T; Fan, M; Zhao, W