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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Optimal choice of machine tool for a machining job in a CAE environmentKumar, Eshwar
2-Oct-2017Optimal contract design for dual-channel supply chains under information asymmetryYang, Honglin; Cao, Erbao; Lu, K; Zhang, Guoqing
2017Optimal damped-type single tuned filters for mitigating harmonics using MIDACOAbdul Kahar, NHB; Zobaa, AF
2015Optimal design of single-tuned passive filters using response surface methodologySakar, S; Karaoglan, AD; Balci, ME; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2016Optimal design of uptime-guarantee contracts under IGFR valuations and convex costsHezarkhani, B
2015Optimal distributed generation planning based on NSGA-II and MATPOWERZamani, Iman
2013Optimal functional outcome measures for assessing treatment for Dupuytren's disease: A systematic review and recommendations for future practiceBall, C; Pratt, AL; Nanchahal, J
-Optimal healthcare delivery to care homes in the UK: a realist evaluation of what supports effective working to improve healthcare outcomes.Gordon, AL; Goodman, C; Davies, SL; Dening, T; Gage, H; Meyer, J; Schneider, J; Bell, B; Jordan, J; Martin, FC; Iliffe, S; Bowman, C; Gladman, JRF; Victor, C; Mayrhofer, A; Handley, M; Zubair, M
2014Optimal microscale water cooled heat sinks for targeted alleviation of hotspot in microprocessorsSharma, CS; Tiwari, MK; Poulikakos, D; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2003Optimal Monetary Policy and Asset Price MisalignmentsKontonikas, A; Montagnoli, A
2003Optimal Monetary Policy and the Asset Market: A Non-cooperative GameIoannidis, C; Napolitano, O
2014Optimal multiobjective design of hybrid active power filters considering a distorted environmentZobaa, AF
2016Optimal multiple-steps single-tuned harmonic filters under time-varying conditionsKannan, R; Abdel Aleem, S; Zobaa, AF; Abdel Monem, A
2006Optimal non-linear monetary policy rulesBoinet, V; Martin, C
2006Optimal Non-linear Monetary Policy RulesBoinet, V; Martin, C
2001Optimal packetisation of MPEG-4 using RTP over mobile networksWorrall, ST; Sadka, AH; Sweeney, P; Kondoz, AM
2014Optimal passive filter design for effective utilization of cables and transformers under non-sinusoidal conditionsAleem, SHEA; Balci, ME; Zobaa, AF; Sakar, S
2005The optimal passive filters to minimize voltage harmonic distortion at a load busZobaa, AF
2016Optimal PMU placement using topology transformation method in power systemsRahman, NHA; Zobaa, AF
2005Optimal portfolio control with trading strategies of finite variationGashi, B; Date, P