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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Development of an efficient method for production of α-mangostin reference standard from Garcinia mangostana L. rinds using liquid flow processingMurhandini, Sri
2015Development of an electrochemical micromachining (μECM) machineSpieser, Alexandre Frederic Jean
2017Development of an electron gun design optimisation methodologyRibton, Colin Nigel
2012The development of an in-vivo dosimeter for the application in radiotherapyBose, Rajiv
2016Development of an integrated paper-based molecular diagnostic platformBranavan, Manoharanehru
2016Development of an integrated sustainable design approach for furniture design and its implementation and application perspectivesSeyajah, Norhisham
2015Development of an internal air cooling sprayed oil injection technique for the energy saving in sliding vane rotary compressors through theoretical and experimental methodologiesBianchi, G; Cipollone, R; Murgia, S; Contaldi, G
2016The development of an occupation-focussed self management programme for students in higher educationMcKay, EA; Lewis, K; Nolan, C
2015Development of an organic Rankine cycle system for exhaust energy recovery in internal combustion enginesBianchi, G; Gualtieri, A; Di Battista, D; Mauriello, M; Fatigati, F
2010Development of an undergraduate multidisciplinary engineering projectSmith, D; Cole, JE
2008Development of CMOS active pixel sensorsGreig, Thomas Alexander
1994Development of dense scintillating hard fluoride glasses for the electromagnetic caorimeter of the proposed compact muon solenoidPrice, Timothy James
2016Development of facture free clay-based aerogel: Formulation and architectural mechanismsFan, M; Huang, P
2016Development of generic grain refiner alloys for cast and wrought Al-alloys containing silicon and zirconiumDjan, Edward Kwafo
1992Development of generic testing strategies for mixed-signal integrated circuitsPritchard, TI; Evans, PSA; Taylor, D
2014Development of high strength Al-Mg2Si-Mg based alloy for high pressure diecasting processYan, Feng
2016Development of high temperature, radiation hard detectors based on diamondMetcalfe, A; Fern, GR; Hobson, PR; Ireland, T; Salimian, A; Silver, J; Smith, DR; Lefeuvre, G; Saenger, R
2018Development of Hydrophobic Concrete by Adding Dual-Crystalline Admixture at Mixing StageRahman, M; Al-kheetan, M; Chamberlain, D
2014Development of interconnected silicon micro-evaporators for the on-detector electronics cooling of the future ITS detector in the ALICE experiment at LHCFrancescon, A; Romagnoli, G; Mapelli, A; Petagna, P; Gargiulo, C; Musa, L; Thome, JR; Del Col, D; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2002The development of internationalisation policy in UK higher educationHealy, Caroline Kathleen