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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2019Attention Problems Predict Risk of Violence and Rehabilitative Engagement in Mentally Disordered OffendersPuzzo, I; Sedgwick, O; Kelly, R; Greer, B; Kumari, V; Gudjonsson, G; Young, S
25-Jan-2019Mapping the language landscape: A systematic review of interventions used in awake craniotomyMacKenzie-Phelan, R; Sage, K; Roberts, DJ
25-Jan-2019A web-based resource for the assessment of language skills in English and Welsh-speaking adults with neurological deficitsTainturier, MJ; Hughes, EK; Berry, SD; Roberts, DJ
2019Advances in quantifying marine litter to support waste management decision-making in local authorities of the Global SouthVelis, C; Cottom, J; Tsakona, M; Iacovidou, E
2019SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF BIOMASS FOR ENERGY GENERATION: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF MAIN TRENDSSilva Martins, LO; Fortuna Carneiro, RA; Mendonça Freires, FG; Andrade Torres, E; Santana Silva, M; Matos Fernandes, F; Iacovidou, E
15-May-2019Physiological and Pathophysiological Consequences of a 25-Day Ultra-Endurance Exercise ChallengeTiller, NB; Chiesa, ST; Roberts, JD; Turner, LA; Jones, S; Romer, LM
2019DNA damage processing is perturbed in both proliferative and non-proliferative cells of increased chronological cellular age.Sabin, R; Pucci, G; Anderson, RM
2019CiliaCarta: An integrated and validated compendium of ciliary genesvan Dam, MA; Kennedy, J; van der Lee, R; de Vrieze, E; Wunderlich, KA; Rix, S; Dougherty, GW; Lambacher, NJ; Li, C; Jensen, VL; Leroux, MR; Hjeij, R; Horn, N; Texier, Y; Wissinger, Y; van Reeuwijk, J; Wheway, G; Knapp, B; Scheel, JF; Franco, B; Mans, D; van Wijk, E; Képès, F; Slaats, GG; Toedt, G; Kremer, H; Omran, H; Szymanska, K; Koutroumpas, K; Ueffing, M; Nguyen, TMT; Letteboer, SJF; Oud, MM; van Beersum, SEC; Schmidts, M; Beales, PL; Lu, Q; Giles, RH; Szklarczyk, R; Russell, RB; Gibson, TJ; Johnson, CA; Blacque, OE; Wolfrum, U; Boldt, K; Roepman, R; Hernandez-Hernandez, V; Huynen, MA
2019Progressive Characterization of Visual Phenotype in Bardet-Biedl Syndrome Mutant MiceVisual Phenotype in Bardet-Biedl Syndrome MiceKretschmer, V; Patnaik, SR; Kretschmer, F; Chawda, MM; Hernandez-Hernandez, V; May-Simera, HL
3-Jun-2019Dimethyl fumarate dosing in humans increases frataxin expression: A potential therapy for Friedreich's Ataxia.Jasoliya, M; Sacca, F; Sahdeo, S; Chedin, F; Pane, C; Brescia Morra, V; Filla, A; Pook, M; Cortopassi, G