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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2021Neural-Network-Based Set-Membership Fault Estimation for 2-D Systems Under Encoding-Decoding MechanismZhu, K; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Wei, G
23-May-2022Where is the greatest potential for resource recovery in wastewater treatment plants?Renfrew, D; Vasilaki, V; McLeod, A; Lake, A; Danishvar, S; Katsou, E
21-May-2020Locally Minimum-Variance Filtering of 2-D Systems over Sensor Networks with Measurement Degradations: A Distributed Recursive AlgorithmWang, F; Wang, Z; Liang, J; Yang, J
21-May-2022Guidelines for evaluating wearables’ quality of experience in a mulsemedia contextHussain, N; Ghinea, G
17-Aug-2017Mobile three-dimensional visualisation technologies for clinician-led fall prevention assessmentsHamm, J; Money, AG; Atwal, A; Ghinea, G
26-May-2022Towards a Requirement-driven Digital Twin ArchitectureNwogu, C; Lugaresi, G; Anagnostou, A; Matta, A; Taylor, S
3-Sep-2020Relaxed Rule-based Learning for Automated Predictive Maintenance: proof of conceptRazgon, M; Mousavi, A
12-Mar-2021Correction to: Relaxed rule-based learning for automated predictive maintenance: proof of concept (Algorithms 2020, 13, 219)Razgon, M; Mousavi, A
21-Jun-2022The relationship of socio-demographic factors and patient attitudes to connected health technologies: a survey of stroke survivorsDrake, A; Sassoon, I; Balatsoukas, P; Porat, T; Ashworth, M; Wright, E; Curcin, V; Chapman, M; Modgil, S; Sklar, E; Parsons, S
17-May-2022STAMINA: Bioinformatics Platform for Monitoring and Mitigating Pandemic OutbreaksBakalos, N; Kaselimi, M; Doulamis, N; Doulamis, A; Kalogeras, D; Bimpas, M; Davradou, A; Vlachostergiou, A; Fotopoulos, A; Plakia, M; Karalis, A; Tsekeridou, S; Anagnostopoulos, T; Despotopoulou, AM; Bonavita, I; Petersen, K; Pelepes, L; Voumvourakis, L; Anagnostou, A; Groen, D; Mintram, K; Saha, A; Taylor, SJE; Ham, CVD; Kaleta, P; Ignjatović, D; Rossi, L