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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2020Digital Identities for Internet of Things DevicesGronli, TM; Ginea, G
2-May-2020Describing software developers affectiveness through Markov chain modelsOrtu, M; Conversano, C; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G
3-Mar-2020A Group Analysis of Oscillatory Phase and Phase Synchronization in Cortical NetworksWang, D; Sun, Y; Shi, H; Wang, F
27-Mar-2020Estimating Uncertainty and Interpretability in Deep Learning for CoronavirusGhoshal, B; Tucker, A
11-Jun-2020Structure, Dynamics and Cellular Insight Into Novel Substrates of the Legionella pneumophila Type II Secretion SystemPortlock, TJ; Tyson, JY; Dantu, SC; Rehman, S; White, RC; McIntire, IE; Sewell, L; Richardson, K; Shaw, R; Pandini, A; Cianciotto, NP; Garnett, JA
10-Jun-2020A hierarchical multi-resolution agent-based modeling and simulation framework for household electricity demand profileMahmood Qureshi Hashmi, I
2020Multiparty Session Programming with Global Protocol CombinatorsImai, K; Neykova, R; Yoshida, N; Yuen, S
2020Industry Simulation Gateway on a Scalable CloudKovacs, J; Farkas, A; Emodi, M; Lovas, R; Kacsuk, P; Kiss, T; Pattison, G; Kite, S; Petry, J; Snookes, G; Anagnostou, A; Taylor, SJE
9-Jun-2020An empirical investigation of performance overhead in cross-platform mobile development frameworksBiørn-Hansen, A; Rieger, C; Grønli, TM; Majchrzak, TA; Ghinea, G
2020The Butterfly “Affect”: Impact of Development Practices on Cryptocurrency PricesBartolucci, S; Destefanis, G; Ortu, M; Uras, N; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R