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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Bringing down the Berlin wall in academiaShia, N; Clarke, J
2005Bringing emotion to work: Emotional intelligence, resistance, and the reinvention of characterHughes, J
2014Britain and terrorism: A sociogenetic investigationHughes, J; Rojek, C; Dunning, Michael
1990Britain and the European community in 1990: The reluctant EuropeanGlees, A
2012Britain's great security mirage: the Royal Navy and the Franco-Russian naval threat, 1898–1906Seligmann, MS
2012Britain's great security mirage: the Royal Navy and the Franco-Russian naval threat, 1898–1906-
2013Britain welcome's the world: Dressing up LondonEdizel, O; Evans, G; Dong, H
2011British American football: National identity, cultural specificity and globalizationKennedy, E; Hills, L; Wismer, Lacey Elaine
2006A British American voice: Exploring the transatlantic connections in American history in BritainDornan, II
2016British attempts to forge a political partnership with the Kremlin, 1942-3Folly, MH
2013A British "Foreign Legion'? The British police in mandate PalestineHughes, M
2015British intelligence and Arab nationalism: the origins of the modern Middle EastWagner, S; Fraser, TG
2014British intelligence and the ‘Fifth’ occupying power: The secret struggle to prevent Jewish illegal immigration to PalestineWagner, S
2008British intelligence and the Jewish resistance movement in the Palestine mandate, 1945–46Wagner, S
1990British interest groups and the European community: Changing lobbying stylesMazey, S; Richardson, J
2014The British media, the veil and the limits of freedomWilliamson, M
2014The British Media, the Veil and the Limits of FreedomWilliamson, M
2014British newspapers, space and the migrant 'jungles' of CalaisHowarth, A; Ibrahim, Y
2016British rural landscapes in pre-second world war film publicityMoody, P; Newland, P
2008Brk expression may affect the differentiation status of breast cancer cellsHarvey, AJ; Pennington, CJ; Edwards, DR; Eccles, SA; Crompton, MR