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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Business School corporate brand identitiesSyed Alwi, SF; CheHa, N; Yen, D
2006The business-social policy nexus: Corporate power and corporate inputs into social policyFarnsworth, K; Holden, C
Oct-2014Busy doing nothing: An exploration of the disconnect between gender equity issues faced by large law firms in the United Kingdom and the diversity management initiatives devised to address themKumra, S
2016But is it science?Watts, DM; Salehjee, S; Essex, J
1997Butt fusion welding of polyethylene pipesRashid, Haroon
2008Buttressing staples with cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix (CEM) reinforces staple lines in an ex vivo peristaltic inflation modelBurugapalli, K; Chan, JCY; Kelly, JL; Pandit, A
2005Butyltin compounds in a sediment core from the old Tilbury basin, London, UKScrimshaw, MD; Wahlen, R; Catterick, T; Lester, JN
2010Buyer-supplier partnership in agile supply chains: A conceptual viewEl-Tawy, Nesrine; Gallear, D
2017‘Buying a path’: rethinking resistance in RwandaRollason, W
2009Buying commercial law: Choice of law, choice of forum, and network externalitiesDruzin, BH
1987A bygone ageDowner, R
2009The C1XS X-ray spectrometer on Chandrayaan-1Maddison, BJ; Howe, CJ; Kellett, BJ; Sreekumar, P; Huovelin, J, et al
2013CAI combustion of gasoline and its mixture with ethanol in a 2-stroke poppet valve DI gasoline engineZhang, Y; Zhao, H; Ojapah, M; Cairns, A
2008CAI combustion with methanol and ethanol in an air-assisted direct injection SI engineLi, Y; Zhao, H; Brouzos, NP
2013Calculating crack extension resistance of concrete based on a new crack propagation criterionDong, W; Wu, Z; Zhou, X; Ford, M
2016Calendar anomalies in the Russian stock marketCaporale, GM; Zakirova, V
2017Calendar anomalies in the Ukrainian stock marketCaporale, GM
2000Calibration and comparison of chlorine decay models for a test water distribution systemMaier, S; Powell, R S; Woodward, C A
2016Calibration and performance assessment of an innovative high-temperature cavitometerTzanakis, I; Hodnett, M; Lebon, GSB; Dezhkunov, N; Eskin, DG
2000Calibration of acoustic emission for tool wear monitoringPrateepasen, A; Au, YHJ; Jones, BE