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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Canonisation, colonisation, and the rise of neo-victorianismCox, J
2015Can Reproductive Health Voucher Programs Improve Quality of Postnatal Care? A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of Kenya’s Safe Motherhood Voucher SchemeWatt, C; Abuya, T; Warren, CE; Obare, F; Kanya, L, et al
2005Can systems dynamics be effective in modelling dynamic business systems?Sharif, A M
2015Can the consumption-wealth ratio predict housing returns? Evidence from OECD countriesCaporale, GM; Sousa, RM; Wohar, ME
2009Can the persistence of a currency crisis be explained by fundamentals? Markov switching models for exchange market pressureMoore, T; Wang, P
2015Can Triticum urartu be identified by pollen analysis? Implications for detecting the ancestor of the extinct domesticated two-grained einkorn-like wheatLópez-Merino, L; Leroy, SAG; Haldorsen, S; Heun, M; Reynolds, A
2016‘Can you recommend any good STI apps?’ A review of content, accuracy and comprehensiveness of current mobile medical applications for STIs and related genital infectionsGibbs, J; Gkatzidou, V; Tickle, L; Manning, SR; Tilakkumar, T, et al
2016Can your smartphone detect your emotion?Dai, D; Liu, Q; Meng, H
2015Capability Based Decision Model of Attribution: Empirical Development in IranKhan, T; Ghalamchi, P
2003Capacitive compensation at nonsinsoidal buses based on IEEE Std. 18-1992Zobaa, AF
2009Capacity analysis of reservation-based random access for broadband wireless access networksVinel, A; Ni, Q; Staehle, D; Turlikov, A
2004Capacity limitations of visual memory in two-interval comparison of Gabor arraysLakha, L; Wright, MJ
2013Capital mobility and global factor shocksCostantini, M; Gutierrez, L
2008Capturing extremesTolikas, K
2014Capturing the scale and pattern of recurrent care proceedings: initial observations from a feasibility studyBroadhurst, K; Harwin, J; Shaw, M; Alrouh, B
2016Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Ppattern evaluation based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition filter via non-linear approachesSadrawi, M; Sun, W-Z; Ma, MH-M; Dia, C-Y; Abbod, M, et al
2017Cardiorespiratory fitness and heart rate response following the Westminster MyAction programmeGrove, T; Jones, J; Connolly, SB
2006Care: an integrated framework to support continuous, adaptable, reflective evaluation of eGovernment systems: A research noteOrange, Graham; Burke, Alan; Elliman, Tony; Ah Lian, Kor
2006CARE: An integrated framework to support continuous, adaptable, reflective evaluation of egovernment systems: A research noteBurke, A; Elliman, T; Ah Lian, K
2003The career choice of first year occupational therapy students: A follow up studyCraik, C; Zaccaria, J-M