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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Buckling response of ferritic stainless steel columns at elevated temperaturesAfshan, S; Gardner, L; Baddoo, NR
2013Buffering preconscious stressor appraisal: the protective role of self-efficacyBishop, D; Gonzalez-Alonso, J; Watts, DM; Filtness, Timothy William
2012Building a house on shifting sand: methodological considerations when evaluating the implementation and adoption of national electronic health record systems.Takian, A; Petrakaki, D; Cornford, T; Sheikh, A; Barber, N
2015Building an alternative social currency: Dematerialising and rematerialising digital money across mediaFerreira, J; Perry, M
2002Building and managing facilities for public servicesBennett, J; Iossa, E
2016Building a system to safeguard children in sport: The 8 CHILDREN pillarsRhind, D; Owusu-Sekyere, F; Kay, T; Hills, L
2014Building a taxonomy of UN Security Council decisions: a biased compliance with the UN Charter obligations?Deplano, R
2012Building communities: Reducing energy use in tenanted commercial propertyAxon, CJ; Bright, SJ; Dixon, TJ; Janda, KB; Kolokotroni, M
2014Building envelope design for climate change mitigation: a case study of hotels in GreeceFarrou, I; Kolokotroni, M; Santamouris, M
2006Building health research systems to achieve better healthHanney, S; Gonzalez-Block, MA
2017Building health research systems: WHO is generating global perspectives, and who’s celebrating national successes?González-Block, MA
2014Building Social Capital in the Polish-German border region: An Evaluation of the effectiveness of EU-funded Small ProjectsSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Płoszaj, A
2016Building social capital through creative placemakingSpinelli, G; Kelkar, NP
2013Building trajectories through clinical data to model disease progressionTucker, A; Swift, S; Li, Yuanxi
2009Bulgarian sport policy 1945-1989: A strategic relation perspectiveGirginov, V
2007Bulk superconducting nano-composites with high critical currentsHari Babu, N; Iida, K; Briffa, A; Shi, Y; Cardwell, DA
2006Bullying and homophobia in UK schools: A perspective on factors affecting resilience and recoveryRivers, I; Cowie, HA
2006Bump extraction algorithm for variable amplitude fatigue loadingAbdullah, S; Choi, JC; Giacomin, J; Yates, JR
2016Burden of disease and costs of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals in the European Union: an updated analysis.Trasande, L; Zoeller, RT; Hass, U; Kortenkamp, A; Grandjean, P, et al
2005The burden of non communicable diseases in developing countriesBoutayeb, A; Boutayeb, S