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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Bootstrap innovational outlier unit root tests in dependent panelsCostantini, M; Gutierrez, L
2012Border parasites: schistosomiasis control among Uganda's fisherfolkParker, M; Allen, T; Pearson, G; Peach, N; Flynn, R; Rees, N
2001Bored with point and click?Stanton, NA; Porter, LJ; Stroud, R
1987Bore polishing of diesel engine cylinder linersAl-Khalidi, Ghazi
2001Born in Britain: The lost generation - A study of young black people in Croydon, the children of immigrants from the CaribbeanDoswell, Bernard
2016BORO as a foundation to enterprise ontologyDe Cesare, S; Partridge, C
2005Boron content of Lake Ulubat sediment: A key to interpret the morphological history of NW Anatolia, TurkeyKazancı, N; Toprak, O; Leroy, SAG; Öncel, S; Ileri, O; Emre, O; Costa, PJM; Erturac, K; McGee, E
2004Bose-Einstein condensation in random directed networksSotolongo-Costa, O; Rodgers, G J
2001Both emerin and lamin C depend on lamin A for localization at the nuclear envelopeVaughan, A; Alvarez-Reyes, M; Bridger, JM; Broers, JL; Raemakers, FC; Wehnert, M; Morris, GE; Whitfield, WGF; Hutchison, CJ
2012The boundaries of Most Favored Nation treatment in international investment lawCole, T
2011Boundary condition, an old but not well solved problem, linked from nanometer to macroscaleXu, J; Li, Y; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
2016Boundary-domain integral equation systems for the stokes system with variable viscosity and diffusion equation in inhomogeneous mediaFresneda-Portillo, Carlos
2005Boundary-domain integro-differential equation of elastic damage mechanics model of stationary drillingMikhailov, SE
2012Boundary element formulations for the numerical solution of two-dimensional diffusion problems with variable coefficientsAl-Jawary, MA; Ravnik, J; Wrobel, LC; Škerget, L
1999Boundary element modelling and full scale measurement of the acoustic performance of outdoor noise barriersMorgan, Philip Alan
2014Boundary-mode operation of the boost converter for thermoelectric generator maximum power trackingTheodoridis, M
1994Boundary value problems for the Helmholtz equation in a half-planeChandler-Wilde, SN
1991Boundary value problems of elasticity theory for plane domains with one-dimensional elastic reinforcementsMikhailov, SE; Namestnikova, IV
2011Bounded H∞ synchronization and state estimation for discrete time-varying stochastic complex for discrete time-varying stochastic complex networks over a finite horizonShen, B; Wang, Z; Liu, X
2017Bounded reordering in the distributed test architectureMerayo, MG; Nunez, M