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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Arbitrage in the FTSE 100 index futuresAntoniou, A; Kalogeropoulou, Joanna
2012Arbitrage, market definition and monitoring a time series approachBurke, S; Hunter, J
1991An arbitrary mesh network scheme using rational splinesGregory, JA; Yuen, PK
1988Architecture and space for thoughtThomas, L; Glanville, Ranulph
1996Architecture of coatomer: Molecular characterization of delta-COP and protein interactions within the complexFaulstich, D; Auerbach, S; Orci, L; Ravazzola, M; Wegchingel, S, et al
2005Architectures of control in consumer product designLockton, D
2006Architectures of control in product designLockton, D
2008Are Canadian pension plans disadvantaged by the current structure of portfolio regulation?Davis, EP; Hu, YW
2000Are critical pedagogies the future for physical education?Capel, S
2002Are currency crises self-fulfilling? The case of ArgentinaBoinet, V; Napolitano, O; Spagnolo, N
2011Are developers fixing their own bugs?: Tracing bug-fixing and bug-seeding committersIzquierdo-Cortazar, D; Capiluppi, A; González-Barahona, JM
2002Are international R&D spillovers costly for the US?Luintel, K B; Khan, M
2013Are lay people good at recognising the symptoms of schizophrenia?Erritty, P; Wydell, TN
2010Are physiotherapy students adequately prepared to successfully gain employment?McIntyre, J; Naylor, S
2006Are PPP tests erratically behaved? Some panel evidenceCaporale, GM; Hanck, C
2013Are road transportation investments in line with demand projections? A gravity-based analysis for TurkeyÜlengin, F; Özaydin, O; Ülengin, B; Kopp, A; Önsel, S, et al
2011Are stock and housing returns complements or substitutes? Evidence from OECD countriesCaporale, GM; Sousa, RM
2003Are there nonverbal cues to commitment? An exploratory study using the zero-acquaintance video presentation paradigmBrown, WM
2009Are union members happy workers after all? Evidence from Eastern and Western European labor marketsGeorgellis, Y; Lange, T
2013‘Are we being de-gifted, Miss?’ Primary school gifted and talented co-ordinators’ responses to the Gifted and Talented Education Policy in EnglandKoshy, V; Pinheiro-Torres, C