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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1973Finite-difference solution of poisson's equation in rectangles of arbitrary shapeRosser, J B
1994Finite-difference solutions of tenth-order boundary-value problemsTwizell, EH; Siddiqui, Aijaz Ahmad
1999Finite-dimensional perturbations of linear operators and some applications to boundary integral equationsMikhailov, SE
2014Finite-Element Analysis of Shear-off Failure of Keyed Dry Joints in Precast Concrete Segmental BridgesShamass, R; Zhou, X; Alfano, G
1997Finite element analysis of the human left ventricle in diastole and systoleYettram, AL; Beecham, MC
2011Finite element approximation of a non-local problem in non-fickian polymer diffusionShaw, S
2010Finite element approximation of Maxwell’s equations with Debye memoryShaw, S
2009Finite element approximation of non-Fickian polymer diffusionBauermeister, N; Shaw, S
2015Finite element based acoustic analysis of dissipative silencers with high temperature and thermal-induced heterogeneityDenia, FD; Sánchez-Orgaz, EM; Martínez-Casas, J; Kirby, R
2008A finite element based formulation for sensitivity studies of piezoelectric systemsPerry, M; Bates, RA; Wynn, HP; Atherton, MA
2005Finite element for the analysis of rotor-dynamic systems that include gyroscopic effectsEsat, II; Jones, Simon
1989A finite element fundamental to thin shell theoryMorley, L; Whiteman, JR; Mould, Michael Patrick
2001Finite element interface models for the delamination analysis of laminated composites: Mechanical and computational issuesAlfano, G; Crisfield, MA
2014Finite element modelling of atomic force microscope cantilever beams with uncertainty in material and dimensional parametersWang, B; Wu, X; Gan, T-H; Rusinek, A
2012Finite element modelling of screw fixation in augmented and non-augmented cancellous boneBrown, C; Procter, P; Bennani Kamane, Philippe
2014A finite element modelling strategy for suture anchor devicesBrown, C; Hughes, Christopher
1976Finite element multistep multideriavative schemes for parabolic equationsMoore, P
1998Finite element schemes for elliptic boundary value problems with rough coefficientsWhiteman, JR; Stewart, Douglas John
2016Finite element simulation of a gradient elastic half-space subjected to thermal shock on the boundaryPapathanasiou, TK; Gourgiotis, PA; Dal Corso, F
2005Finite elements modeling and simulation of probe systemSalleh, MR; Yang, QP; Jones, BE