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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975On the mechanical behaviour of human tooth structures: An application of the finite element method of stress analysisJackson, G; Wright, KWJ
2011On the motivating impact of price and online recommendations at the point of online purchaseFagerstrom, A; Ghinea, G
2002On the need for bump event correction in vibration test profiles representing road excitations in automobilesGiacomin, J; Steinwolf, A; Staszewski, WJ
1989On the numerical performance of a domain decomposition method for conformal mappingPapamichael, N; Stylianopoulos, N S
2008On the origin of trepanomatoses: A phylogenetic approachHarper, KN; Ocampo, PS; Steiner, BM; George, RW; Silverman, MS, et al
2006On the performance of densified DVB-H single frequency networksZhang, C; Owens, TJ; Song, YH
2003On the propagation of a normal shock wave through a layer of incompressible porous materialTorrens, R; Wrobel, LC
2005On the resolution of ambiguities in the extraction of syntactic categories through chunkingFreudenthal, D; Pine, JM; Gobet, F
2014On the role of lyrics in the music-exercise performance relationshipSanchez, X; Moss, SL; Twist, C; Karageorghis, CI
1986On the roots of a Bessel function equation (problem)Rawlins, AD
1987On the roots of a Bessel function equation (solution)Rawlins, AD
2012On the scattering of torsional elastic waves from axisymmetric defects in coated pipesKirby, R; Zlatev, Z; Mudge, P
1998On the Stationary Cahn-Hilliard Equation: Bubble SolutionsWinter, M; Wei, J
1998On the stationary Cahn-Hilliard equation: Interior spike solutionsWinter, M; Wei, J
2003On the supersymmetric partition function in QCD-inspired random matrix modelsFyodorov, YV; Akemann, G
2013On the sustainability of web systems evolutionBoldyreff, C; Capiluppi, A; Marques, R
2004On the testability of SDL specificationsKim, KH; Ural, H; Hierons, RM
2008On the trade balance effects of free trade agreements between the EU-15 and the CEEC-4 countriesCaporale, GM; Rault, C; Sova, AM; Sova, R
1999On The Two Dimensional Gierer-Meinhardt system with strong couplingWinter, M; Wei, J
1998On the unconditional and conditional cross section of expected futures returnsAntoniou, T; Miffre, JoeIle
Showing results 4959 to 4978 of 7500
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