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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Investigation of the utilisation of social networks in e-learning at universitiesAzam, S; Wang, F; Ng, J
2008Investigation of transition between spark ignition and controlled auto-ignition combustion in a V6 direct-injection engine with cam profile switchingKalian, N; Zhao, H; Qiao, J
2015Investigation of ultrasonic guided waves interacting with piezoelectric transducersFateri, S; Lowe, PS; Engineer, B; Boulgouris, NV
2002An investigation of visual cues used to create and support frames of reference and visual search tasks in desktop virtual environmentsMorar, SS; Macredie, RD; Cribbin, T
2014An investigation on design and analysis of micro-structured surfaces with application to friction reductionCheng, K; Sayad Saravi, Samira
2014An investigation on micro cutting mechanics: Modelling, simulations and experimental case studiesCheng, K; Sawangsri, Worapong
2012Investigation on quantitative assessment of energy consumption and the associated sustainability performance of CNC milling machinesCheng, K; Afsharizand, Behnood
2010An investigation on the framework of dressing virtual humansQin, S; Yu, Hui
2003An investigation on the mechanics of nanometric cutting and the development of its test-bedLuo, X; Cheng, K; Guo, XJ; Holt, R
2014An investigation on the rheodynamics of human red blood cells using high performance computationsXu, D; Munjiza, A; Avital, E; Ji, C; Kaliviotis, E, et al
2004Investigation on the sampling size optimisation in gear tooth surface measurement using a Co-ordinate Measuring MachineGao, CH; Cheng, K; Webb, D
2001Investigations into the effectiveness of measures to reduce the energy requirements of domestic dwellings in CyprusTassou, S; Wrobel, L; Florides, Georgios A
1984Investigations into the use of continuous low-level medication for the control of helminths in the ruminantTerry, RJ; Dobbins, Sally Elizabeth
2001Investigations of collaborative design environments: A framework for real-time collaborative 3D CADWright, D; Nam, Tek-Jin
1998Investigations of generic self disassembly using shape memory alloysChiodo, JD; Billett, EH; Harrison, DJ; Harry, P
2011Investigations of power quality problems in modern buildingsDarwish, MK; Olatoke, Abraham
2005Investigations of telomere maintenance in DNA damage response defective cells and telomerase in brain tumoursSlijepcevic, P; Koi, M; Cabuy, Erik
1977An investigation to study the feasibility of on-line bibliographic information retrieval system using an APPLea, RM; Dattagupta, Rana
2009Investigative journalism: a case for intensive care?Lashmar, P
2010Investigative study on the development of a green UWB antennaPeter, T; Nilavalan, R; AbuTarboush, HF; Cheung, SW; Weng, YF