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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Mobile consultant: Evaluation of additional servicesBanitsas, KA; Georgiadis, P; Tachakra, S; Cavouras, D
2006The mobile information access experience - A user perspectiveGhinea, G; Serif, Tacha
2008Mobile information access in the real world: A story of three wireless devicesSerif, T; Ghinea, G
2008Mobile integrated conditional access systemShirazi, H; Cosmas, J; Cutts, D; Birch, N; Daly, P
2008Mobile integrated conditional access system (MICAS)Shirazi, H; Cosmas, J; Cutts, D; Birch, N; Daly, P
2014Mobile money system design for illiterate users in rural EthiopiaWoldmariam, MF; Ghinea, G; Atnafu, S; Grønli, T-M
2007Mobile phone use across cultures: A comparison between the UK and the SudanLove, S; Perry, M; Khattab, Ishraga
2009Mobile robot localization using robust extended H-infinity filteringYang, F; Wang, Z; Lauria, S; Hu, X
2010Mobility management across converged IP-based heterogeneous access networksOwens, T; Yao, W; Mussabbir, Qazi Bouland
2010Modal validation of a cantilever-plate bimorph actuator illustrating sensitivity to 3D characterisationOldfield, MJ; Atherton, MA; Bates, RA; Perry, MA; Wynn, HP
1993A model approach to effective documentationHoy, William
2007A model building tool to support group deliberation (eDelib): A research noteElliman, T; Macintosh, A; Irani, Z
2008A model checking approach to the parameter estimation of biochemical pathwaysDonaldson, R; Gilbert, D
2002Model design for scalable 2-D model-based video codingSheng, Y; Sadka, AH; Kondoz, AM
2001A model for calculating EM field in layered medium with application to biological implantsGlover, RJ; Berwick, M; Salehi-Reyhani, SM
2013A model for measuring service quality in internet-based services: The case study of internet banking services in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAlshawi, S; Albassam, Tameem
2002A model for the size distribution of customer groups and businessesZheng, DG; Rodgers, GJ; Hui, PM
2014A model for uphill droplet motionMancio Reis, FM; Lavieille, P; Miscevic, M; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2004Modeling Adaptable Multimedia and Self-modifying Protocol ExecutionGuan, SU; Lim, SS
2003Modeling and analysis of slow CW decrease IEEE 802.11 WLANNi, Q; Aad, I; Barakat, C; Turletti, T