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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013No substantial changes in estrogen receptor and estrogen-related receptor orthologue gene transcription in Marisa cornuarietis exposed to estrogenic chemicalsBeresford, N; Granger, DW; Pounds, NA; Rand-Weaver, M; White, R, et al
2010A note on a camouflage pursuit problemRawlins, AD
1983Note on a result of Morse and BoltRawlins, A D
2010A note on control of a class of discrete-time stochastic systems with distributed delays and nonlinear disturbancesWang, Z; Liu, Y; Wei, G; Liu, X
1985A note on methods with 0(H4) and 0(H6) phase lags for periodicTwizell, E H
1985A note on phase-lag computations for multiderivative methods for second order periodic initial value problemsTwizell, E H
1989A note on polynomial diagonalization and Wiener-Hopf factorization of 2x2 matricesRawlins, A D
1991A note on the calculus of variationsRawlins, AD
1994A note on the diffraction by a semi-Infinite thick half plane, and a semi-infinite cylindrical rod with an absorbent end faceRawlins, A D
1993A note on the Euler-Maclaurin Sum formulaRawlins, A D
1980A note on the factorization of matrices occurring in Wiener-Hopf problemsRawlins, AD
2004A note on the path formulation for (O(2),SO(2))-forced symmetry breaking bifurcationFurter, JE; Sitta, AM
2008A note on the polynomial approximation of vertex singularities in the boundary element method in three dimensionsBespalov, A
2004A note on the robust stability of uncertain stochastic fuzzy systems with time-delaysWang, Z; Ho, DWC; Liu, X
2013A note on uniform asymptotic wave diffraction by a wedgeRawlins, AD
1983A note on Wiener Hopf matrix factorisationRawlins, A D
1985A note on Wiener-Hopf matrix factorisationRawlins, AD
2009Notes from data flow workshopNebrensky, JJ
2012The notification of the right to silence to police suspects in Greece and the need to harmonise Greek legislation with international and comparative lawGiannoulopoulos, D
1999Not Making A Virtue Of A Necessity: Nancy Fraser On 'PostSocialist' PoliticsAlldred, P