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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Red Signals: Trade Deficits and the Current AccountRaybaudi, M; Sola, M; Spagnolo, F
2006Redesign and initial validation of an instrument to assess the motivational qualities of music in exercise: The Brunel Music Rating Inventory-2Karageorghis, CI; Priest, DL; Terry, PC; Chatzisarantis, NLD; Lane, AM
2009Redistributive taxation and personal bankruptcy in US statesGrant, C; Koeniger, W
2013Reduced chromosome aberration complexity in normal human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to low-LET γ-rays and high-LET α-particlesGarimberti, E; Hill, MA; Anderson, RM
2002Reduced length checking sequencesHierons, RM; Ural, H
2007Reduced pattern training based on task decomposition using pattern distributorGuan, SU; Bao, C; Neo, T
2007Reduced Pattern Training Based on Task Decomposition using Pattern DistributorGuan, SU; Bao, C; Neo, T
2012Reducing domestic energy consumption through inclusive interface designHarrison, DJ; Dong, H; Combe, Nicola
2007Reducing the cost of applying adaptive test casesHierons, RM; Ural, H
2008Reduction of gear pair transmission error with tooth profile modificationTharmakulasingam, R; Alfano, G; Atherton, MA
2013Reductions in cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory mortality following the national Irish smoking ban: Interrupted time-series analysisStallings-Smith, S; Zeka, A; Goodman, P; Kabir, Z; Clancy, L
2003Reef reconstruction after extinction events of the latest ordovician in the Yangtze platform, South ChinaYue, L; Kershaw, S
2011Reenergising professional creativity from a CHAT perspective: Seeing knowledge and history in practiceEllis, V
1995Reexaming strategic groups: existence, group structure and mobility barriersFan, Y
2009Reference-dependent preferences in the public and private sectors: A nonlinear perspectiveGeorgellis, Y; Gregoriou, A; Tsitsianis, N
2011Refining grain structure and porosity of an aluminium alloy with intensive melt shearingZuo, Y; Li, H; Xia, M; Jiang, B; Scamans, G M, et al
2011Reflecting blues - Perceptions of policing students undertaking a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course with regard to reflective practice and associated skillsWatts, M; Malthouse, Richard
2009The reform of electronic consumer contracts in Europe: Towards an effective legal framework?Riefa, C
2002The reform of the testamentary jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical courts, 1830-1857Polden, P; Lobban, M; Hutton, Brian Gerald
2012Reform, uncertainty and spillovers a gravity model approachFidrmuc, J; Karaja, E; Tichit, A