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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A new chiral two-matrix theory for dirac spectra with imaginary chemical potentialAkemann, G; Damgaard, PH; Osborn, JC; Splittorff, K
1975A new class of matrices with positive inversesMeek, D S
2001New conceptual framework of cross-functional collaboration for new product design development in global consumer electronics firmsHolland, R; Stewart, J; Stanton, N; Kang, Bum-Kyu
2005New conceptual model for design development of smart clothingHolland, R; Harrison, DJ; Ariyatum, Busayawan; The Royal Thai Government
1998A new configuration for shunt active power filtersDarwish, MK; Mehta, P; El-Habrouk, Mohamed
2009A new construction of signature waveforms for multi-rate multi-cell QS-CDMA systemsFeng, L; Fan, P; Loo, KK; Tarokh, V
2009New contention resolution schemes for WiMAXDelicado, J; Ni, Q; Delicado, FM; Orozco-Barbosa, L
2009A new continuum based non-linear finite element formulation for modeling of dynamic response of deep water riser behaviorBahai, H; Hosseini Kordkheili, Seyed Ali
2002A new control technique for active power filters using a combined genetic algorithm/conventional analysisEl-Habrouk, M; Darwish, MK
2009A new converter topology for high-speed high-starting-torque three-phase switched reluctance motor drive systemDarwish, MK; Elwakil, Ehab
2002New critical matrix models and generalized universalityAkemann, G; Vernizzi, G
2015New design challenges to widely implement 'Sustainable Product-Service Systems'Vezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Diehl, JC; Kohtala, C
2009A new design method for industrial portal frames in fireSong, YY; Huang, Z; Burgess, IW; Plank, RJ
2010New essays on life writing and the body (Review)Lynch, C
2010A new ethos for a multipolar design learning community: A mechanism for the development and diffusion of teaching materials on design for sustainability in an open-source and copy left ethosVezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; IATED (International Association of Technology, Education and Development),
2010New events in historic venues: A case of LondonEvans, G
2011New firm formation and employment growth: Regional and business dynamicsBaptista, R; Preto, MT
2012A new framework for consensus for discrete-time directed networks of multi-agents with distributed delaysHo, DWC; Wang, Z
2001A new genetic algorithm based on primal-dual chromosomes for royal road functionsYang, S
2014A New Heterogeneous Multiscale Technique for Microscale Gas FlowsDocherty, SY; Borg, MK; Lockerby, DA; Reese, JM; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)