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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Sex offending in sports: A whole new ball game?Brackenridge, CH
2009Sexual abuse risk in sport: Testing the ‘stage of imminent achievement’ hypothesisBrackenridge, CH; Lindsay, I; Telfer, H
2001Sexual disruption in a second species of wild cyprinid fish (gudgeon, Gobio gobio)in United Kingdom freshwatersAerle, RV; Nolan, M; Jobling, S; Christiansen, LB; Sumpter, JP, et al
2006The sexual excitation/sexual inhibition inventory for women: Psychometric propertiesGraham, CA; Sanders, SA; Milhausen, RR
2002Sexual harassment and abuse in sport – The research contextBrackenridge, CH; Fasting, K
2003Sexual harassment and eating disorders in female elite athletes - A controlled studySundgot-Borgen, J; Fasting, K; Brackenridge, CH; Torstveit, M; Berglund, B
1995Sexual harassment in sportsBrackenridge, CH
1998Sexual networks and the transmission of HIV in LondonParker, M; Ward, H; Day, S
2009The Shakespeare authorship question – A suitable subject for academiaLeahy, WJ; Wright, D
2002Shape memory alloy actuators for active disassembly using ‘smart’ materials of consumer electronic productsChiodo, JD; Jones, N; Billett, EH; Harrison, DJ
1984Shape preserving piecewise rational interpolationGregory, JA; Delbourgo, Roger
1983Shape preserving piecewise rational interpolationDelbourgo, R; Gregory, JA
2000Shape theory and mathematical design of a general geometric kernel through regular stratified objectsMiddleditch, A; Reade, C; Gomes, Abel Joao Padrao
2008The shaping of the tax audits regime in the new common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) legislation: Proposed solutions for substantives and procedural provisionsCerioni, L; Lang, M; Pistone, P; Schuch, J; Staringer, C
2002Shared parenting: A 70% solution?Kaganas, F; Piper, CD
2011Sharia in modern democratic nation statesEsmaeili, H; Islamic Law and International Law Conference 2011
2008Sharing and viewing segments of electronic patient records service (SVSEPRS) using multidimensional database modelJalal-Karim, Akram
1997Shear controlled orientation effects with injection mouldings produced by the SCORIM processRawson, Keith
2009Shear enhanced heterogeneous nucleation in some Mg- and Al- alloysFan, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, ZF; Xia, M; Li, HT, et al
2007Sherlock Holmes: An expert’s view of expertiseDidierjean, A; Gobet, F
Showing results 6228 to 6247 of 7500
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