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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The journals of importance to UK clinicians: a questionnaire surveyJones, TH; Hanney, S; Buxton, MJ
2006The journals of importance to UK clinicians: A questionnaire survey of surgeonsJones, TH; Hanney, S; Buxton, MJ
2009JPEG steganography: A performance evaluation of quantization tablesAl-Mohammad, A; Ghinea, G; Hierons, RM
2010Judicial recusal: Principles, process and problem. By grant hammond. [Oxford: Hart Publishing. 2009. xiv, 183 pp. Hardback £45.00. ISBN: 9781841132600.]Olowofoyeku, A
2001Juridification of customChigara, B
2013Jurisdiction and cloud computing: Further challenges to Internet jurisdictionWang, F
1988Jus in bello revisitedMushkat, R
2006'Just convict everyone!' Joint perpetration: From tadic to stakic and back againBadar, ME; Bohlander, M
2007Justifying design and technologyBarlex, D
2012J/ψ and ψ (2S) production in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeVChatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W, et al
2012Kala defanged: Managing power in Java away from the centreBeatty, A
2015Kalman filtering for discrete stochastic systems with multiplicative noises and random two-step sensor delaysChen, D; Yu, Y; Xu, L; Liu, X
2012Kanter revisited: Gender, power and (in)visibilityLewis, P; Simpson, R
2012Kant's philosophy of the aesthetic and the philosophy of praxisWayne, M
2010Karl Polanyi and Oszkar Jászi: Liberal socialism, the aster revolution and the TanácsköztársaságDale, G
2009Karl Polanyi in Budapest: On his political and intellectual formationDale, G
2008Karl Polanyi’s the great transformation: Perverse effects, protectionism and gemeinschaftDale, G
2014Karnatic rhythmical structures as a source for new thinking in western musicWiegold, Peter; Reina, Rafael
2008‘Keeping it real’: the politics of Channel 4's multiculturalism, mainstreaming and mandatesMalik, S
2016Keeping the Germans out of the straits: The five ottoman dreadnought thesis reconsideredSeligmann, M