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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Reconsidering feminisms and the work of Norbert Elias for understanding gender, sport and sport-related activitiesMansfield, L
2006Reconstructing repressor protein levels from expression of gene targets in Escherichia coliKhanin, R; Vinciotti, V; Wit, E
2011Reconstruction of 2D Al Ti on TiB in an aluminium meltQin, T; Fan, Z
2006The reconstruction of digital holograms on a computational gridNebrensky, JJ; Hobson, PR
2005Recording of time-varying back-pain data: A wireless solutionSerif, T; Ghinea, G
2009Recovery: What does this mean to patients with low back pain?Refshauge, K; Sullivan, G; De Souza, L; Maher, CG; McAuley, JH
2013Recruiting ethnic minority participants to a clinical trial: a qualitative studyMacneill, V; Nwokoro, C; Griffiths, C; Grigg, J; Seale, C
2004Recruitment of fibre types and quadriceps muscle portions during repeated, intense knee-extensor exercise in humansKrustrup, P; Soderlund, K; Mohr, M; Gonzalez-Alonso, J; Bangsbo, J
2002Rectangular silos; Interaction of structure and stored bulk solidBrown, CJ; Goodey, Richard J
2007Recursive Percentage based Hybrid Pattern Training for Supervised LearningKiruthika, R; Guan, SU
1990Recursive subdivision algorithms for curve and surface designGregory, JA; Qu, Ruibin
2006Redesign and initial validation of an instrument to assess the motivational qualities of music in exercise: The Brunel Music Rating Inventory-2Karageorghis, CI; Priest, DL; Terry, PC; Chatzisarantis, NLD; Lane, AM
2009Redistributive taxation and personal bankruptcy in US statesGrant, C; Koeniger, W
2003Red Signals: Trade Deficits and the Current AccountRaybaudi, M; Sola, M; Spagnolo, F
2013Reduced chromosome aberration complexity in normal human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to low-LET γ-rays and high-LET α-particlesThemis, M; Garimberti, E; Hill, MA; Anderson, RM
2002Reduced length checking sequencesHierons, RM; Ural, H
2007Reduced Pattern Training Based on Task Decomposition using Pattern DistributorGuan, SU; Bao, C; Neo, T
2007Reduced pattern training based on task decomposition using pattern distributorGuan, SU; Bao, C; Neo, T
2012Reducing domestic energy consumption through inclusive interface designHarrison, DJ; Dong, H; Combe, Nicola
2007Reducing the cost of applying adaptive test casesHierons, RM; Ural, H