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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005An incremental approach to genetic algorithms based classificationGuan, SU; Zhu, F
2007An incremental approach to MSE-based feature selectionGuan, SU; Qi, Y; Bao, C
2003Incremental evolution of cellular automata for random number generationGuan, SU; Zhang, S
2006Incremental evolution strategy for function optimizationGuan, SU; Mo, W
2004Incremental learning in terms of output attributesGuan, SU; Li, P
2003Incremental learning of collaborative classifier agents with new class acquisition - An incremental genetic algorithm approachGuan, SU; Zhu, F
2001Incremental learning with respect to new incoming input attributesGuan, SU; Li, SC
2006Incremental localized boundary-domain integro-differential equations of elastic damage mechanics for inhomogeneous bodyMikhailov, SE
2004Incremental multiple objective genetic algorithmsChen, Q; Guan, SU
2004Incremental neural network training with an increasing input dimensionGuan, SU; Liu, J
2002Incremental ordered neural network trainingGuan, SU; Liu, J
2001Incremental self-growing neural networks with the changing environmentSu, L; Guan, SU; Yeo, YC
2004Incremental simulation modelling for Internet collaborative designQin, SF; Wright, DK
2005Incremental training based on input space partitioning and ordered attribute presentation with backward eliminationGuan, SU; Ang, J
2016Incubation and intuition in creative problem solvingGilhooly, KJ
2015Incubation and suppression processes in creative problem solvingGilhooly, KJ; Georgiou, GJ; Sirota, M; Paphiti-Galeano, A
2004In-cylinder flow and combustion studies in an air-assisted direct injection gasoline engineZhao, H; Leach, Ben Thomas
2013Independent studies in higher education: Great expectations or hard times?Green, A; Nygard, C; Courtney, N; Harvey, L
2008In Diamond HealthJones, BJ; Anson, AW
2013The Indian family on UK reality television: Convivial culture in salient contextsMalik, S