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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A magistrate's view on achieving complianceHunt Cooke, C; Achieving Compliance with Road Traffic Law Conference
2010Magnesium alloy strip produced by a melt-conditioned twin roll casting processFan, Z; Bayandorian, Iman
2014Magnetic actuation of microparticles for mass transfer enhancementLisk, PA; Bonnot, E; Rahman, MdT; Aiouache, F; Bowman, R, et al
2010Magnetic bead-based DNA extraction and purification microfluidic chipBalachandran, W; Slijepcevic, P; Azimi, Sayyed Mohamad
2014Magnetic DNA detection sensor for point-of-care diagnosticsBalachandran, W; Slijepcevic, P; Chaychian, Sara
2014Magnetic drug delivery with FePd nanowiresPondman, KM; Bunt, ND; Maijenburg, AW; van Wezel, RJA; Kishore, U, et al
2006The majority of genes in the pathogenic Neisseria species are present in non-pathogenic Neisseria lactamica, including those designated as 'virulence genes'Snyder, LAS; Saunders, NJ
1998Making a Mockery of Family Life? Lesbian Mothers in the British MediaAlldred, P; Dunne, G
2008The making and marking of men’s bodies in the context of nursing careSimpson, R
2011Making an example of riotersEaston, S
2012Making education workFylan, F; Achieving Compliance with Road Traffic Law Conference
2002Making inferences with small numbers of training setsKirsopp, C; Shepperd, MJ
2007Making interactive TV easier to use: Interface design for a second screen approachCruickshank, L; Tsekleves, E; Hill, A; Whitham, R; Kondo, K
2007Making physical education relevant: Increasing the impact of initial teacher trainingCapel, S; Blair, R
2013Making sense of British newspaper campaignsHowarth, A
2015Making sense of leadership development: Developing a community of education leadersMcCauley-Smith, C; Williams, SJ; Gillon, AC; Braganza, A
2016Making sense of rework causation in offshore hydrocarbon projectsLove, PED; Ackermann, F; Smith, J; Irani, Z; Edward, DJ
2014Making the tacit explicit: children’s strategies for classroom writingWatts, DM; Silby, A
2008Making the user more efficient: Design for sustainable behaviourLockton, D; Harrison, DJ; Stanton, NA
2009The Male Dancer: Spectacle, Bodies, Sexuality by Ramsay Burt.Peterson, GT