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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A neural network and heuristics hybrid strategy for job-shop scheduling problemYang, S; Wang, D
1995A neural network and rule based system application in water demand forecastingPowell, R; Hartley, Joseph Alan
2006Neural network based simulation of sea-state sequencesBahai, H; Ozbayrak, M; Aryana, F; Bazargan-Harandi, Hamid
2005Neural networks based recognition of 3D freeform surface from 2D sketchSun, G; Qin, SF; Wright, DK
2002A neuro-fuzzy-evolutionary classifier of low-risk investmentsKalganova, T; Serguieva, A
2009Neurofuzzy modeling to determine recurrence risk following radical cystectomy for nonmetastatic urothelial carcinoma of the bladderCatto, JWF; Abbod, MF; Linkens, DA; Larre, S; Rosario, DJ, et al
2013Neuroscientists’ everyday experiences of ethics: The interplay of regulatory, professional, personal and tangible ethical spheresBrosnan, C; Cribb, A; Wainwright, SP; Williams, C
2001A new adaptive neural network and heuristics hybrid approach for job-shop schedulingYang, S; Wang, D
2008A new algorithm for latent state estimation in nonlinear time series modelsDate, P; Jalen, L; Mamon, R
2012A new algorithm for minutiae extraction and matching in fingerprintBalachandran, W; Noor, Azad
2006A new angle on throwingLinthorne, NP
2001A new application microgels: Novel method for the synthesis of spherical particles of the Y2O3:Eu phosphor using a copolymer microgel of NIPAM and acrylic acidMartinez-Rubio, MI; Ireland, TG; Fern, GR; Silver, J; Snowden, MJ
2013New approaches to casting hypereutectic Al-Si alloys to achieve simultaneous refinement of primary silicon and modification of eutectic siliconFan, Z; Stone, I; Al-Helal, Kawther
2011New approaches to parental substance misuseHarwin, J
2014A new approach for harmonic distortion minimization in power systems supplying nonlinear loadsZobaa, AF; Abdel Aleem, SHE
2007A new approach to designing lateral collision warning systemsJenkins, DP; Stanton, NA; Walker, GH; Young, MS
2005A new approach to investigate wave dissipation in viscoelastic tubes: Application of wave intensity analysisFeng, J; Khir, AW
2000A new approach to planning in vitro and in vivo experiments for cardiovascular stents. (1) Fundamentals of design proceduresAtherton, MA; Doorly, DJ; Collins, MW
2000A new approach to planning in vitro and in vivo experiments for cardiovascular stents. (2) Planning of experimentsAtherton, MA; Doorly, DJ; Collins, MW; Sigwart, U
1998A new approach to secure economic power dispatchZhu, JZ; Irving, MR; Xu, GY