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Title: A Jini-Based Solution for Electronic Prescriptions
Authors: Ghinea, G
Asgari, S
Moradi, A
Serif, T
Keywords: Electronic prescriptions
ubiquitous computing
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Volume 10, Issue 4, Page(s):794 - 802
Abstract: In most countries today, handwritten, paper-based medical prescriptions are the norm.While efforts have been made in the past and are being made at present to migrate toward electronic dispensation of prescriptions, these have generally omitted to incorporate ubiquitous computing technology in their proposed solutions. In this paper, we focus on this issue and describe a Jini-based prototypical solution for electronic prescriptions, which allows for their wireless transmission to in-range pharmacies and the augmentation of the service levels rendered to the user, with, for instance, information about queue lengths and estimated waiting times being provided to the patients. Clinical and user evaluation revealed that there were high levels of agreement as regards the prototype’s effectiveness, ease of use, and usefulness.
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Computer Science

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