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Title: A dynamic petri net model for iterative and interactive distributed multimedia presentation
Authors: Tan, WK
Guan, SU
Keywords: Petri net
Interactive multimedia
Iterative multimedia playback
Dynamic events
Multimedia synchronization
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transaction on Multimedia 7(5): 869-879, Oct 2005
Abstract: Object Composition Petri Nets (OCPN), Priority Petri Nets (P-Net), Dynamic OCPN (DOCPN) and Enhanced P-Nets (EP-Net) have extended the original Petri Net to achieve the modeling of media synchronization and asynchronous user interactions during multimedia playback. Dynamic Petri Net (DPN) has been conceptualized to tackle existing problems in these two areas of modeling distributed multimedia systems. DPN features dynamic modeling elements which allows iteration and hence is able to reduce graph sizes of synchronous playback models while allowing greater details to be shown. DPN also introduces asynchronous event handling techniques that are powerful and effective. DPN was used in the design and modeling of a multimedia orchestration tool which is a typical representation of an application that works in a distributed multimedia system.
ISSN: 1520-9210
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