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Title: Evaluating telemedicine: A focus on patient pathways
Authors: Coughlan, JA
Eatock, J
Eldabi, T
Keywords: Clinical pathways
Computer simulation
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 22(1): 136–142, Feb 2006
Abstract: Evaluations of telemedicine have sought to assess various measures of effectiveness (e.g., diagnostic accuracy), efficiency (e.g., cost), and engagement (e.g., patient satisfaction) to determine its success. Few studies, however, have looked at evaluating the organizational impact of telemedicine, which involves technology and process changes that affect the way that it is used and accepted by patients and clinicians alike. This study reviews and discusses the conceptual issues in telemedicine research and proposes a fresh approach for evaluating telemedicine. First, we advance a patient pathway perspective, as most of the existing studies view telemedicine as a support to a singular rather than multiple aspects of a health care process. Second, to conceptualize patient pathways and understand how telemedicine impacts upon them, we propose simulation as a tool to enhance understanding of the traditional and telemedicine patient pathway.
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School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics Research Papers

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