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Title: BaBar simulation production - A millennium of work in under a year
Authors: Smith, D A
Blanc, F
Bozzi, C
Khan, A
Keywords: BaBar
Distributed computing
Production management
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE transactions on nuclear science. 53 (3) 1299 - 1303
Abstract: The BaBar experiment requires simulated events beyond the ability of a single computing site to provide. This paper describes the evolution of simulation and job management methods to meet the physics community requirements and how production became distributed to use resources beyond any one computing center. The evolution of BaBar simulation along with the development of the distribution of the computing effort is described. As the computing effort is distributed to more sites there is a need to simplify production so the effort does not multiply with number of production centers. Tools are created to be flexible in handling errors and failures that happen in the system and respond accordingly, this reduces failure rates and production effort. This paper will focus on one cycle of simulation production within BaBar as a description of a large scale computing effort which was fully performed, and provided new simulation data to the users on time.
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