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Title: Synthetic vision and emotion calculation in intelligent virtual human modeling
Authors: Zhao, Y
Kang, J
Wright, D K
Keywords: Virtual human
Field of vision
Synthetic vision
Emotion calculation
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: International Society of Automation
Citation: Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation. 43, 360-365
Abstract: The virtual human technique already can provide vivid and believable human behaviour in more and more scenarios. Virtual humans are expected to replace real humans in hazardous situations to undertake tests and feed back valuable information. This paper will introduce a virtual human with a novel collision-based synthetic vision, short-term memory model and a capability to implement the emotion calculation and decision making. The virtual character based on this model can ‘see’ what is in his field of view (FOV) and remember those objects. After that, a group of affective computing equations have been introduced. These equations have been implemented into a proposed emotion calculation process to enlighten emotion for virtual intelligent human
ISSN: 0067-8856
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