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Title: Intelligent classification of sketch strokes
Authors: Qin, SF
Keywords: Fuzzy knowledge
Curve classification
Curve fitting
Sketch recognition
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE EUROCON2005 “Computer As a Tool”, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro, 22-24,2005, pp. 1374-1377
Abstract: This paper presents an intelligent method for classifying pen strokes in an on-line sketching system. The method, based on adaptive threshold and fuzzy knowledge with respect to curve's linearity and convexity, can identify sketch strokes (curves) into lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptical arcs, loop lines, spring lines and free-form B-spline curves. The proposed method has proven to be fast, suitable for real-time classification and identification.
ISBN: 1-4244-0049-X
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