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Title: Evaluating existing set-top boxes versus transmit diversity schemes
Authors: Shirazi, H
Cosmas, J
Krishnapillai, K
Gledhill, J
Bard, M
Bradshaw, D
Keywords: Delay diversity (DD)
Transmit diversity
Threshold of visibility (TOV),
Settop box (STB)
Line of sight (LOS)
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of the IEEE ISCE (International Symposium on Consumer Electronics), Algarve, Portugal, 14-16 Apr 2008
Abstract: Transmit diversity is a technique that exploits the nature of fading due to multipaths and that potentially incurs delay and pre- and post-echoes into the received signals. There is some concern that early set-top boxes would not be compliant in this respect. Also, introduction of such techniques that would degrade reception for inservice equipments would have an important impact, which should be evaluated. This paper presents a measurement campaign to establish whether the in-service DVB-T receivers are compatible with transmit diversity schemes and also to evaluate the possible diversity loss in the line-of-sight fixed receptions.
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