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Title: A parametric model of biofilm shedding in a test water distribution
Authors: Maier, S
Powell, R S
Woodward, C A
Keywords: Biofilm
Water pipe
Publication Date: 2000
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Urban Water. 2(1) 1-10.
Abstract: This paper investigates particle counts as an indication of water quality in a 1.3 km water pipe. The observations from an extensive sampling schedule are used to develop a parametric model that describes the response of particle counts to a step increase of flow. The model is represented as a linear system with a biofilm shedding profile as input and a dynamic shear-off function as transfer function. The parameters of the shear-off function and the biofilm shedding profil(BSP) can both be identified. Results show that the net shear-off decreases with the introduction of monochloramine, that for an unchlorinated system shedding from the pipe walls is highest in the initial part of the system and that in the chlorinated system shear-off is highly non-uniform. The model gives insight into the underlying processes and the BSP provides a snapshot of the state of the system in terms of particle shear-off.
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