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Title: Calibration and comparison of chlorine decay models for a test water distribution system
Authors: Maier, S
Powell, R S
Woodward, C A
Keywords: water quality
Publication Date: 2000
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: International Journal of Water Research. 34(8) 2301-2309.
Abstract: This paper investigates the kinetics of monochloramine as disinfectant in a 1.3 km water pipe. A novel procedure for the correction of chlorine meter errors is introduced and applied. Parameter estimation using nonlinear optimisation procedures is used to identify decay coefficients for monochloramine models with a single coefficient or two coefficients as used in EPANET. Important difficulties in fitting these parameters which come about because of the model structure are highlighted. Finally, results of decay coefficients are presented and investigated for flow, inlet chlorine concentration and temperature dependence.
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