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Title: A process algebra for synchronous concurrent constraint programming
Authors: Brim, L
Gilbert, D
Jacquet, JM
Kretinsky, M
Publication Date: 1996
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Proceedings of ALP96: The Fifth International Conference on Algebraic and Logic Programming, Aachen, Germany, 24-27 September 1996, pp. 165-178
Abstract: Concurrent constraint programming is classically based on asynchronous communication via a shared store. This paper presents new version of the ask and tell primitives which features synchronicity. Our approach is based on the idea of telling new information just in the case that a concurrently running process is asking for it. An operational and an algebraic semantics are defined. The algebraic semantics is proved to be sound and complete with respect to a compositional operational semantics which is also presented in the paper.
ISBN: 3-540-61735-3
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