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Title: Telomere length abnormalities in mammalian radiosensitive cells
Authors: McIllrath, J
Bouffler, SD
Samper, E
Cuthbert, AP
Wojcik, A
Szumiel, I
Bryant, PE
Riches, AC
Slijepcevic, P
Newbold, RF
Keywords: 3T3 Cells
Breast Neoplasms/blood/genetics
Chromosome Aberrations
Chromosomes/*radiation effects
Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: American Association for Cancer Research
Citation: Cancer Research. 61 (3) 912-915
Abstract: Telomere lengths in radiosensitive murine lymphoma cells L5178Y-S and parental radioresistant L5178Y cells were measured by quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization. Results revealed a 7-fold reduction in telomere length in radiosensitive cells (7 kb) in comparison with radioresistant cells (48 kb). Therefore, it was reasoned that telomere length might be used as a marker for chromosomal radiosensitivity. In agreement with this hypothesis, a significant inverse correlation between telomere length and chromosomal radiosensitivity was observed in lymphocytes from 24 breast cancer patients and 5 normal individuals. In contrast, no chromosomal radiosensitivity was observed in mouse cell lines that showed shortened telomeres, possibly reflecting differences in radiation responses between primary cells and established cell lines. Telomere length abnormalities observed in radiosensitive cells suggest that these two phenotypes may be linked.
ISSN: 0008-5472
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Community Health and Public Health

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