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Title: A QoS monitoring system in a heterogeneous multi-domain DVB-H platform
Authors: Shirazi, H
Cosmas, J
Owens, T J
Song, J-H
Centonza, A
Keywords: DVB-H
QoS monitoring
Publication Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Broadcasting Transactions. 55 (1) 124-131
Abstract: The MobileTV, IPTV, and DVB standards (DVB-H/T) have been defined to offer mobile users interactive multimedia services with quality of service (QoS) consistency analogous to TV services. However, the market has yet to provide effective and economical solutions for the real-time delivery of such services to the corresponding transmitters over multi-domain IP networks. The monitoring system proposed in this paper enables the QoS in the IP networks involved in the delivery of real-time multimedia content to the transmitters to be ascertained. The system utilizes the QoS parameters defined in MPEG-2 Transport Streams to detect problems occurring in the heterogeneous multi-domain IP networks. The ability to detect problems having an adverse effect on QoS allows appropriate control actions to be determined to recover the QoS across the composite IP network. The design and implementation of the proposed QoS-Monitoring system (QoS-MS) is presented, followed by analysis of experimental results that demonstrate the feasibility of the system.
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