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Title: An effective data placement strategy for XML documents
Authors: Zhu, Y
Lü, K
Keywords: Data Placement, XML Documents, Graph Partitioning, and Parallel Data Processing.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Proceedings of the 18th British National Conference on Databases: Advances in Databases, Chilton, UK, July 9-11, 2001
Abstract: As XML is increasingly being used in Web applications, new technologies need to be investigated for processing XML documents with high performance. Parallelism is a promising solution for structured document processing and data placement is a major factor for system performance improvement in parallel processing. This paper describes an effective XML document data placement strategy. The new strategy is based on a multilevel graph partitioning algorithm with the consideration of the unique features of XML documents and query distributions. A new algorithm, which is based on XML query schemas to derive the weighted graph from the labelled directed graph presentation of XML documents, is also proposed. Performance analysis on the algorithm presented in the paper shows that the new data placement strategy exhibits low workload skew and a high degree of parallelism.
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