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Title: Spatial data stream multiplexing scheme for high-throughput WLANs
Authors: Gravalos, AG
Hadjinicolaou, M
Ni, Q
Nilavalan, R
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IET Communications. 2, 1177 - 1185.
Abstract: A novel scheme using spatial data stream multiplexing (SDSM) in the upcoming multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO)-based IEEE 802.11n physical layer is proposed. It is shown that with SDSM, the same data rate can be achieved by using less number of transmit and receive antennas and therefore this scheme can reduce the number of antennas which results in reducing mutual coupling effects, hardware costs and implementation complexities. The maximum data rates that can be achieved using a 2 * 2 MIMO system is 270 Mbps and for a 4 * 4 MIMO system is 540 Mbps. The same data rates can be achieved using the SDSM technique which reduces the 2 * 2 MIMO system to 1 * 1 SISO system and the 4 * 4 MIMO system to a 2 * 2 MIMO system.
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