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Title: Error-resilient performance of dirac video codec over packet-erasure channel
Authors: Tun, M
Loo, K K
Cosmas, J
Keywords: Coefficient partitioning
Error-resilient coding
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transaction on Broadcasting 53(3): 649-659, Sep 2007
Abstract: Video transmission over the wireless or wired network requires error-resilient mechanism since compressed video bitstreams are sensitive to transmission errors because of the use of predictive coding and variable length coding. This paper investigates the performance of a simple and low complexity error-resilient coding scheme which combines source and channel coding to protect compressed bitstream of wavelet-based Dirac video codec in the packet-erasure channel. By partitioning the wavelet transform coefficients of the motion-compensated residual frame into groups and independently processing each group using arithmetic and Forward Error Correction (FEC) coding, Dirac could achieves the robustness to transmission errors by giving the video quality which is gracefully decreasing over a range of packet loss rates up to 30% when compared with conventional FEC only methods. Simulation results also show that the proposed scheme using multiple partitions can achieve up to 10 dB PSNR gain over its existing un-partitioned format. This paper also investigates the error-resilient performance of the proposed scheme in comparison with H.264 over packet-erasure channel.
ISSN: 0018-9316
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