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Title: Distributed video coding in wireless multimedia sensor network for multimedia broadcasting
Authors: Zhuo, X
Loo, K K
Cosmas, J
Yip, P Y
Keywords: Wireless multimedia sensor network
Distributed video coding
Wyner-Ziv video coding
Laplacial distribution
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society
Citation: WSEAS Transaction on Communications 7(5): 418-427, May 2008
Abstract: Recently the development of Distributed Video Coding (DVC) has provided the promising theory support to realize the infrastructure of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN), which composed of autonomous hardware for capturing and transmission of quality audio-visual content. The implementation of DVC in WMSN can better solve the problem of energy constraint of the sensor nodes due to the benefit of lower computational encoder in DVC. In this paper, a practical DVC scheme, pixel-domain Wyner-Ziv(PDWZ) video coding, with slice structure and adaptive rate selection(ARS) is proposed to solve the certain problems when applying DVC into WMSN. Firstly, the proposed slice structure in PDWZ has extended the feasibility of PDWZ to work with any interleaver size used in Slepian-wolf turbo codec for heterogeneous applications. Meanwhile, based on the slice structure, an adaptive code rate selection has been proposed aiming at reduce the system delay occurred in feedback request. The simulation results clearly showed the enhancement in R-D performance and perceptual quality. It also can be observed that system delay caused by frequent feedback is greatly reduced, which gives a promising support for WMSN with low latency and facilitates the QoS management.
ISSN: 1109-2742
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