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Title: What happens around earning announcements? An investigation of information asymmetry and trading activity in the Saudi market
Authors: Alzahrani, AA
Gregoriou, A
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Brunel University
Citation: Economics and Finance Working Paper, Brunel University, 10-01
Abstract: This paper examines stock returns and trading activities around earnings announcements for listed companies in the Saudi stock market (SSM). Specifically, we examine the levels of stock liquidity, trading activity, volatility, bid-ask spread, asymmetric information and investor trading behaviour around earnings announcements for all firms in the market for the period 2002-2009. Abnormal price and volume reactions around earnings announcements suggest that these announcements produce highly informative contents. The magnitude of the cumulative abnormal returns around earnings announcement is induced by trading activity in the two weeks before the release date. We also show evidence of an increased adverse selection cost around earnings announcement, which is then gradually reduced in the post-announcement period, indicating that earnings announcements reduce uncertainty in the market. We also examine trading behaviour among small and large investors in the market through constructing order imbalance measures. In general, large investors are more sophisticated and show higher informed trading before earnings announcements whereas smaller investors show stronger reaction to news. Moreover, small investors show a buying pattern which is consistent with times-series based earnings surprise. They are net-buyers for good news and net-sellers for bad news portfolios.
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