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Title: Phase field theory of interfaces and crystal nucleation in a eutectic system of fcc structure: II. Nucleation in the metastable liquid immiscibility region
Authors: Toth, GI
Granasy, L
Keywords: BaO-SiO2 Glasses
Protein interactions
Nonuniform system
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Journal of Chemical Physics 127(7): 074710, Aug 2007
Abstract: In the second part of our paper, we address crystal nucleation in the metastable liquid miscibility region of eutectic systems that is always present, though experimentally often inaccessible. While this situation resembles the one seen in single component crystal nucleation in the presence of a metastable vapor-liquid critical point addressed in previous works, it is more complex because of the fact that here two crystal phases of significantly different compositions may nucleate. Accordingly, at a fixed temperature below the critical point, six different types of nuclei may form: two liquid-liquid nuclei: two solid-liquid nuclei; and two types of composite nuclei, in which the crystalline core has a liquid "skirt," whose composition falls in between the compositions of the solid and the initial liquid phases, in addition to nuclei with concentric alternating composition shells of prohibitively high free energy. We discuss crystalline phase selection via exploring/identifying the possible pathways for crystal nucleation.
Description: The official version of this Article can be accessed from the link below - Copyright @ 2007 American Institute of Physics
Sponsorship: This work has been supported by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences under contract No. OTKA-K-62588 and by the ESA PECS Nos. 98021 and 98043.
ISSN: 0021-9606
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