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Title: Ostrich or eagle? Protection and professionalism in sport science and coaching
Authors: Brackenridge, CH
Keywords: Professionalisation;Sport science;Child protection
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Keynote address to the Annual Conference of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Sport and exercise in the real millennium – our way forward, Department of Humanities and Science, University of Wales College, Newport, South Wales, September 4-7th 2001
Abstract: In this presentation I examine the processes of professionalisation and mutual development within and between two occupational groups in the UK - sport and exercise scientists and sports coaches. At the outset I acknowledge the ‘cultural turn’ in science and use my own positionality, based on 30 years of experience within both communities, to inform the analysis. The main questions addressed here are whether these two interdependent groups have found a satisfactory professional relationship and how they have adjusted to the destabilising forces of late modernity. The issue of child protection in sport is used as a case study through which to examine these questions. The readiness of the two groups to acknowledge and embrace associated ethical and professional practices differs considerably. It is argued that sports coaching has addressed protection issues much more readily and effectively than has sport science. It is also suggested that the preoccupation of sport science with scholarly activity undermines the realisation of its aspiration for professional and chartered status. The emphasis of both occupational groups on ‘performance enhancement’, both scholarly and/or athletic, has led them to suffer from diminished social and political perspectives which benefit neither. The paper concludes with some reflections on the potential for both occupations to learn from attending to wider external reference points.
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