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Title: Future transmitter/receiver diversity schemes in broadcast wireless networks
Authors: Zhang, Y
Cosmas, J
Bard, M
Song, Y H
Publication Date: 2006
Citation: Communications Magazine, IEEE, October 2006, 44(10): 120- 127, Oct 2006
Series/Report no.: 10;
Abstract: An open diversity architecture for a cooperating broadcast wireless network is presented that exploits the strengths of the existing digital broadcast standards. Different diversity techniques for broadcast networks that will minimize the complexity of broadcast systems and improve received SNR of broadcast signals are described. Resulting digital broadcast networks could require fewer transmitter sites and thus be more cost-effective with less environmental impact. Transmit diversity is particularly investigated since it obviates the major disadvantage of receive diversity being the difficulty of locating two receive antennas far enough apart in a small mobile device. The schemes examined here are compatible with existing broadcast and cellular telecom standards and can be incorporated into existing systems without change.
ISSN: 0163-6804
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